5 Reasons Why Home Renters Should Do Home Furniture Rental

You’ve just signed a lease on the perfect rental home, but you don’t have a stick of furniture to fill it with. Instead of maxing out your credit card or plunking down what’s left of your savings on expensive furnishings, maybe there’s another way. Depending on your situation, home furniture rental might be the perfect option for you. Discover five reasons why.

1. Home Furniture Rental Makes a Great Short-Term Solution

Whether you’ve been sent to a new city on a temporary work assignment or you’re subletting an apartment for a few months, furniture rental offers a quick way to set up house. With a comfy bed, dining set, sofa, and chairs, your temporary home feels cozy and comfortable. When your short-term arrangement wraps up, you don’t have to deal with storing a houseful of furniture or worry about the cost of moving it.

2. Furniture Rental Is Easy and Convenient

These days, furniture rental is easier than you might imagine. From one or two pieces to a fully stocked apartment, you can rent furniture online quickly, and just days later enjoy the fruits of your point-and-click shopping experience. With delivery, setup, and pickup provided, home furniture rental couldn’t be more convenient.

Furniture Rental for College Students

From living in a new place to worrying about grades, college life is stressful enough without wondering how you’re going to furnish your off-campus rental home or apartment. Luckily, CORT offers a package deal for students. When split between roommates, the cost for furniture rental is very manageable, and the entire rental process is hassle-free.

3. Furniture Rental Helps You Discover Your Personal Style

According to Malorie Kaye, an interior designer at Noa Blake Design in Marlboro, New Jersey, developing your own personal style can take some time. Before making a long-term investment, Kaye recommends furniture rental and home accessories to discover your likes and dislikes.

It’s important to remember that personal style changes depending on your life situation. Furniture that you loved as a single person might not work now that you are a parent, or maybe you have a new furry, four-legged addition to your family. If so, you might want to trade in that bright white couch. Whether you’ve experienced a life change or you’re just not happy with a certain piece, you can change your style as needed with home furniture rental.

4. Home Furniture Rental Gives You Freedom

Do you have trouble staying in one place for too long? That’s OK. Instead of being tied to your belongings, furniture rental allows you the freedom to move around the world at will. CORT allows you to rent almost everything you need for a comfy home, from big pieces of furniture to artwork, rugs, pillows, and throws. When you’re ready to take off on your next adventure, you can call to return your rental pieces and take advantage of handy pickup.

5. Home Furniture Renters Enjoy Flexibility

Whether you’re looking to rent bedroom furniture or you need pieces for your entire home or apartment, furniture rental comes with several options:

Hand-Picked Pieces

If you need just one chic coffee table or an eclectic grouping of furniture, handpicking pieces may be the best rental choice for you. With products in many colors, styles, and patterns, CORT makes it easy for you to furnish your home just the way you like it.

Renting by the Room

If you’re searching for a collection of furniture in a specific style, then renting by the room will fit your fancy. Bedroom, living room, dining room, den or all of the above — rental companies offer groupings of furniture in styles that match your personality, whether mid-century modern, rustic, classic, or contemporary.

To see how the furniture might look in your home, examine photos online, or pop into a rental company showroom. For optimal convenience, you can even rent packages for the kitchen and/or bathroom containing all the necessities you might need, from cookware and dinnerware to towels and hair dryers.

Move-in-Ready Service

With a little information about your personal style and living space, furniture rental companies allow you to move right in to a furnished place without lifting a finger. Taking your design aesthetic and budget into account, expert designers choose pieces for every room in your home. Then, everything is delivered and set up before you arrive.

For even more flexibility, some companies offer an option for rent to buy furniture when the original lease period runs out.

Are you ready to take the stress out of furnishing your rental home? Whether you’re a college student, a world traveler, or a hardworking professional, home furniture rental offers loads of freedom, flexibility, and convenience. For the utmost in variety and style, try CORT Furniture Rental online or at more than 100 locations around the country.

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