How to Create a Breezy & Bright Home with Our Temporary Furniture Rentals

There’s nothing like walking into a light and airy home to brighten your mood. Whether you’re trying to attract potential home buyers or just wanting a fresh new look, you can make your home more inviting with temporary furniture rentals. Learn how to use the right furniture and accessories to lighten up any interior space.

Choose Light-Colored Furniture

Bedroom with windows and blue abstract rug

When it comes to a bright and breezy atmosphere, color plays a big role. Instead of dark furniture that can make a room feel gloomy, choose sofas and chairs in white or tan. If you’re staging your home for potential buyers, arrange a few magazines or an antique board game on the cocktail table.

Add Mirrors and Metallic Furniture

Light and airy room with chairs and two paintings

Need a solution for a dark entryway or hallway? Try adding wall or floor mirrors. Not only do mirrors reflect light, they make rooms appear larger. To get the most light-enhancing effects from a mirror, place it opposite a window. Furniture with a metallic finish also reflects light. Try adding a few contemporary accent tables, or use chrome dining chairs for a lighter, brighter interior.

Get Creative with Lighting

Light always makes interior spaces feel more inviting. While some homes are blessed with plenty of natural light, others benefit from artificial options. In addition to installing pot lights, drop lights, track lighting, or sconces, it helps to place floor lamps in dark corners and add table lamps to dimly-lit bedrooms or living rooms. To achieve the brightest result in large rooms, be sure to space out the placement of lamps, and swap dim light bulbs for those with higher wattages.

Change Up Your Window Treatments

Make an interior space feel airier with the proper window treatments. Dark, heavy curtains absorb light, so opt for light-colored curtains, sheers, or no curtains at all. Want another option for a lighter, brighter room? Design expert Deborah Carstensen from Indeed Decor recommends white wooden plantation blinds.

Move the Indoors Out

Light and airy room with chairs and two paintings

In the spring and summer months, brighten the look of your home with a beautiful outdoor space. Add a few colorful Adirondack chairs to the front porch, or spruce up a backyard patio with a pretty table, a few chairs, and some warm outdoor lighting.

Bring the Outdoors In

Fresh cut flowers in a pretty vase and a bowl of apples on a table

Brightening your home goes beyond wall paint, window treatments, and furniture. According to decorator Todd Alexander Romano, “There is no greater beauty or charm than what we can find in nature.” Freshen up any space in your home with lifelike houseplants or fragrant, fresh-cut roses or lilacs from your garden. Jazz up your kitchen with a sweet bowl of oranges or apples centered on a counter or tabletop.

Jazz Up Your Home with Accessories

If your home is feeling drab, change the vibe with accessories. Decorate your floors with a few throw rugs, and adorn plain, boring walls with nature-inspired paintings or photos. Lay a colorful throw over the back of your sofa, and add a few brightly-colored pillows. Sunny hues like yellow and orange perk up any room, especially during the winter months.

More Tips for Brightening your Home for Potential Buyers

In addition to lightening your home with temporary furniture rentals and accessories, follow these tips to attract potential buyers:

  • Box up knickknacks, books, personal items, and extra clothing and store it all in the garage or basement.
  • Create a more tranquil setting in bedrooms by removing televisions and video game consoles.
  • Allow potential buyers to get a feel for entertaining in your home by setting your dinner table with your fanciest dinnerware, linens, and wine goblets.
  • Clean and organize your cupboards and pantry.
  • Opt for luxury home staging in the bathroom by adding an attractive shower curtain, fluffy white towels, and scented candles.

It feels good to present your home in its best possible light. Whether you’re just sprucing up or you need home staging furniture rental, turn to CORT Furniture Rental to add a brighter, breezier look to any design aesthetic.

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