#CORTatCollege: Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

Summer is coming to an end, which means school is almost back in session. In honor of the back-to-school season, CORT teamed up with bloggers Amy Bellgardt and Dana Vento to host a Twitter party to discuss how parents are preparing their college students for the new school year.

It’s apparent that everyone has their own system, but CORT’s student packages and furniture rental options can significantly alleviate stress and meet the needs of even the most demanding back-to-school checklists. Check out some of the benefits.

No need to rent a truck. CORT delivers!

Moving is a hassle, especially when it comes to furniture. Luckily, CORT delivers and can set everything up before you arrive. Ready to move out? CORT will take it off your hands.

Skip the cost of storage.

Storing furniture between school years is inconvenient and pricey. CORT furniture can come and go whenever you need it, so you don’t have those added summer storage costs. Even better, there’s no upfront rental fee.

Stylish furniture without breaking the bank.

It’s hard to balance budget and style when shopping for furniture, but CORT makes it simple with affordable rental options featuring the hottest furniture trends for students.

Preparing your college kids for school can be stressful, but moving day doesn’t have to be a burden with a little help from CORT.

Thank you to everyone who participated in CORT’s back-to-school Twitter party! To read the full discussion, search #CORTatCollege on Twitter.