How You Can Benefit from Furniture Rental

There are a few times in life when you need furniture and need it quickly. The question is: should you rent or should you buy? This can be a challenging dilemma, but after considering the pros and cons of renting versus buying, you may decide that furniture rental is the best choice for you. To rent or to buy all depends on your situation.

You’re a Student Furnishing an Off-Campus Home or Apartment

College life is stressful enough without having to worry about furnishing your living space. With furniture rental, you and your roommates can set up your entire college home or apartment and ensure a manageable monthly payment by splitting the cost. For optimal convenience, rental companies offer easy online shopping, delivery, setup, and pick up at the end of the school year.

Your Living Situation is Temporary

Whether you’re on a short-term work assignment or taking a new post in the military, a temporary living situation calls for furniture rental. You can rent furniture for one month or many, and some companies even rent kitchen and bathroom essentials, from dishes and cookware to towels and bath mats. According to Mary Etta McCurdy, of Mary Etta Designs in Yorba Linda, California, renting furniture before you buy it is a smart way to “see if the investment is good in the long term.”

You’re a Busy Professional

Purchasing furniture can be time-consuming. If you’re a busy professional, then you may not have a spare minute to visit stores, shop for furniture, transport your purchases, or arrange for delivery. By taking advantage of home or apartment furniture rental, you can do your shopping online, enjoy convenient delivery and set up, and simply return your furniture when you no longer need it.

You’re Staging Your Home for Sale

In the process of selling your home, furniture rental offers many benefits. To present your home in its best light, it helps to clear out every ounce of clutter and stage your living space with stylish decor. If you need to move before your house is sold, your home remains furnished until the contract is signed. Staging can also help sell your home faster. Over 80 percent of prospective buyers have an easier time visualizing a home as their own when it is staged, according to the National Association of Realtors.

You’re Planning an Event

Bat mitzvah, office party, or wedding — special occasions always benefit from furniture rentals. Whether you’re looking for long banquet tables, functional classroom seating, or lounge pieces like comfy sectionals, ottomans, and a wet bar, you can find just what you need through furniture rental companies. What’s more, convenient delivery, set up, and pick up make executing your event much less stressful.

You’re Outfitting a Work Space

If you are an employer just starting out or if your company is in transition, you too can benefit from furniture rental. Professional spaces that offer a blend of comfort and function keep employees happy and productive, and by renting furniture, you don’t have to make a major business investment up front. For utmost efficiency in the workplace, some furniture rental companies even help with layout and design.

When you need furniture, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of renting versus buying, but the final decision depends on your situation. If you’re in college, living in a short-term rental, staging a home, planning an event, or setting up an office, then furniture rental might be the best option for you. For all your rental needs — from stylish pieces to help with office design, event planning, and home staging — check out CORT Furniture Rental.

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