Furniture Office Rentals That Will Create a Smart and Connected Workplace

A quality workplace is one that cultivates engagement, challenges employees, and fosters connections — a place where people genuinely like to be. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this, such as the team and the work itself, but the environment also plays a critical role in whether employees enjoy showing up every day. If you’re looking for ways to create a more connected workplace, then consider how furniture office rentals can help you effectively outfit your space.

A Connected Environment

A team sitting together going over a paper

Aritha Berroa, founder of Reclaim Therapeutic Design, explains, “We can’t ignore the emotional connection people have with their spaces.” When creating a well-designed office where people can thrive, this means every piece of furniture counts.

To do their best work, it’s ideal for employees to have some kind of positive emotional relationship or attachment to their environments. This means the physical elements that occupy a space, including furniture and décor, are essential.

Berroa, who is a therapist and interior designer, explains, “People need human interaction, and spaces must be designed in a way to allows them to be together when needed and then alone when needed. Such an environment gives us the space to be efficient as well as creative.”

Furniture for Maximized Work Flow

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Before outfitting your office, consider the intended use of each space. Is it to maximize productivity? Bring people together for meetings? Encourage creativity or ingenuity? Also, think about whether spaces should hold an air of formality or give off a more casual vibe. Then try out a few pieces with a short-term office furniture rental, and make adjustments until you land on the pieces that facilitate your goals and reflect the appropriate atmosphere.

A 2012 showed that can increase employees’ productivity by about 20 percent. Berroa suggests looking for rental office furniture for a variety of settings, including lounge furniture for collaboration in a more relaxed, friendly environment as well as more formal conference furniture that promotes focus, negotiation, and discussion.

To help individuals foster a deeper connection within an office, Berroa says, “It’s important for each employee to have a space to call their own and to be able to personalize it.”

To achieve this, you might want to lease office furniture with multiuse functionality, such as privacy screens that can be raised for solo work time and then lowered during team collaboration. You may also consider using furniture on wheels that can easily move around the room when you need a more open environment.

Comfort Counts

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Don’t discount comfort, either. Individuals do their best work when they feel physically comfortable, and 200 (or more) hours a month is a long time to spend in a chair that exacerbates lower back pain. Berroa says, “I’d recommend furniture that first supports the health and wellness of the people who use it. The ergonomics of furniture is important to support the body.” She suggests a mix of sit and stand furniture solutions, which allow people to get up and move throughout their work day, promoting overall health.

Work Smarter

A smart and connected workplace is one that fosters digital connections too. Consider how to integrate technology into every area of your office to make things simpler or more productive. For example, can shared work spaces be made to feel welcoming to employees who work part-time or who often work from home? Can meeting rooms facilitate video conferences for stronger connections with employees working hundreds or thousands of miles away? Your most productive piece of international office furniture might be a large projection screen for tele-meetings with partners around the globe.

One of the most important contributions to the success and longevity of any business is relationships — with ourselves, each other, and the environment. Berroa explains, “When these relationships are positive, safe, and bring comfort, it gives us a sense of belonging and autonomy, and we can offer our best selves to our colleagues and clients.”

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