The Importance of Quality Furniture for Your Small Business

Have you ever considered how the furniture in your business influences your brand? For many entrepreneurs, the main area of focus beyond the product is branding like logos and colors, but as you grow and develop your brand position, it’s also important to think about the visual impression created by the furniture in your space.

Customers rank your business based on its credibility, its product or service quality, and their satisfaction. You can help define your brand by making office design and furniture choices that fit the message you want to convey. Of course, the bottom line affects decisions like furniture selection, but outfitting your business with quality furniture doesn’t have to mean making a large investment. Furniture rental provides cost-effective, flexible options that easily adjust to your business needs.

“When you rent furniture, you can invest in higher quality furniture than when buying it outright,” says Debra Duneier of EcoChi LLC in New York City. “Because it doesn’t wear out quickly and need replacing, it also saves you money long term,” she adds. Duneier, a Certified Eco-Designer, points to its sustainability as well. “High quality furniture is less likely to break down, be thrown away, and end up in a landfill.”

High Quality Furniture Raises Your Brand Position

Factors that affect brand position include employee experience, location, and industry reputation as well as office organization, design, and décor. It’s important to outfit your office with the highest quality furniture you can afford, including pieces that help organize and maximize the space.

“To clients, the level of organization in your office affects your credibility,” says Teresa James of Organize and Stage Your Home in Memphis, Tennessee. “Combining high organization with quality furniture gives clients more faith in your ability to handle their projects,” she continues. Even for startups, quality furniture that helps employees stay organized for maximum efficiency and productivity should be a top priority for increasing brand value over time.

When others enter your place of business, the visual impression influences their trust in your brand. “People prefer doing business with small businesses that feel secure and trustworthy, and solid, high quality furniture can convey that feeling,” explains Duneier. “Your choice of furniture should reinforce the rest of your brand identity.”

A modern office filled with quality furniture, including a desk, several chairs, and a people working

Use Good Quality Furniture to Provide Multiple Design Options

Regardless of what type of business you have, the importance of office design can’t be understated. Part of your brand position is based on industry and locale, so make sure your office furniture fits both. Choose furniture that reflects the local business culture to ensure employees and customers feel at home in your business. High quality furniture makes local customization easier than mass produced options. “If wood is more prevalent and expected in your area than chrome, work with your CORT rental professional to choose furniture trimmed in wood,” says Duneier.

Lay out your office in a way that seems natural to visitors and employees, and if applicable for your industry, select industry-specific types of office furniture, such as drafting tables or computer workstations. A financial services business shouldn’t resemble a graphics design firm when you walk inside. In terms of office organization furniture, “Pick pieces that have cabinets and drawers instead of those that have a flat surface and four legs,” says James, a certified professional organizer.

Office with quality furniture including a large desk, computer, and chair

The Right Furniture Attracts and Retains Invested Employees

Current and prospective employees get an immediate sense of whether you value your employees when they enter your business. Top talent want to work in an attractive, tastefully designed, orderly, secure environment that creates an atmosphere of success. They want to know their employers consider their unique requirements and value their comfort and general well-being. Employees are more collaborative and productive in positive work environments, and they are more likely to invest in long-term profitability when a business makes their vitality a priority.

“Quality furniture offers employers more opportunities to show their professionals the respect and care that they deserve through office furnishings,” says Duneier. “In most cases, it’s also sturdier, more ergonomic, and safer,” she continues. “Promoting overall employee health will allow employees to work more hours productively and take fewer sick days.”

Organizational needs are also met with good quality furniture. “Rent multi-functional furnishings that include storage like sorting bins, file drawers, and cabinets,” suggests James, who works with residential and business clients. “Also, outfit your vertical space with tall pieces, “she continues. “Get quality items made for corners, and use door backs well, because giving employees plenty of places to store things increases comfort.”

Use Quality Furniture to Attract and Retain the Right Customers

The furnishings you choose convey the quality of your business and the value of your offerings. If you want to attract upscale customers to your luxury vacation firm, choose furnishings and décor that send a glamorous message to your customers. The right furniture says your business is worth the customer’s investment. “The furniture you rent is a direct reflection of who you are as a company,” states Duneier. “Your customers assess you on those choices.”

Make brand value messaging consistent throughout all the spaces in your office. When choosing furnishings, consider storage rooms, kitchen shelving, rest rooms, reception areas, and all the areas customers will see. “Make the commitment to both renting quality furniture and keeping your office organized to present a consistently attractive office environment,” says James.

The right quality furniture can distinguish your startup or small business from its competitors. An office furniture specialist at CORT Furniture Rental can help you make the best choices for your enterprise.

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