Tips for Incorporating Healthy Habits into Your Work Day

Reports have shown that sitting less – whether by standing while working or taking breaks to walk around – can improve productivity, energy and employee health. According to Tom Rath, author of Eat Move Sleep, “Sitting is the most underrated health-threat of modern time.”

Many employers want to do something to help. However, it is often best to conduct a trial run before making the financial commitment to outfit the entire office with standing desks. Here are some tips to consider before you make the leap:

  • Plan Upfront: Plan up front to determine what additional investment would be required and how it might fit within your existing infrastructure. If the trend involves your office set up or new furniture, consider speaking with a designer on the right fit and layout for your space.
  • Define Metrics for Success: What return does your company need to see to justify the investment? Consider both what to measure and how to measure it. For example, you might measure if employees are using and find a benefit in their standup desk by developing a survey.
  • Consider All Options: The obvious way to jump on this trend is to invest in purchasing standup desks. But that’s not the only option. One way to dip your office’s toes, without jumping in – is renting furniture. CORT offers options such as the Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk or Quickstand, featuring an adjustable keyboard which is key for alleviating pressure on the wrists. For employees that haven’t built up to standing all day, but are eager to try, professionals recommend ergonomic office stools, such as the Drafting Stool.

Keeping these tips in mind when planning for the future of your business will ensure all bases are covered when making these small transitions to contribute to the overall health of your employees. Give CORT a call to find out what other solutions are available for updating your workspace.