Must-Have Furniture for Every Small Business

By Andrea Ditter-Middleton

Selecting the right office furniture makes a business space look and feel professional. From the moment the doors open in the morning to the moment the last employee leaves for the night, a business space should meet the needs of employees and make clients or customers feel welcome. Start with key items such as a reception desk, desk chairs, and a conference table to equip your office with the essentials.

A Reception Desk That Stands Out

According to research from the University of Glasgow and Princeton University, humans make judgements (or form first impressions) of others within a half-second of meeting them. Similarly, a workspace affects people’s perceptions of a business and those who work there. In an office environment, this perception starts with the reception desk.

Create a welcoming reception area tailored to the needs and culture of your business and industry. Make practical choices for visual appeal, such as hiding unsightly wires and storing supplies inside desks and cabinets. Choose a quality desk that speaks to the design style, color scheme, and energy of your company.

Quality Desk Chairs for Productive Workers

Many office workers spend long hours in chairs in front of screens, leading to physical ailments that range from minor neck and back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Choosing ergonomically-designed desk chairs adds a modern, attractive look to your office while offering physical benefits for workers. The Mayo Clinic provides some specific design suggestions to help you choose chairs that adapt to the body. Quality chairs should include spinal curve or lumbar support, armrests, and height adjustability.

A Conference Table for All Occasions

An office conference room is both a communal gathering place and an important hub of activity. Because it is the centerpiece of that hub, the conference table should meet the specific needs of your business. First, consider how many people will sit at the table and for what purposes. Large tables are best for businesses who use them when meeting with clients, whereas small tables are better for more intimate staff meetings.

If you need to use the table for several purposes, you may need to consider an adjustable table or placing different types of tables in different rooms. The style of the table should fit the design and feel of the office environment. Large, solid wood executive tables fit the traditional feel of classic industries like law and finance, while edgy, modern glass and metal tables fit the vibe of the tech industry.

Choosing Office Furniture

Designing your office is about more than color schemes and logos. The right furniture tells clients and employees who you are and sets the tone of your business. The quality and convenience of CORT Furniture Rental fits perfectly into this mold. The online ordering system makes it easy to find the right look for your business while meeting all your employees’ workspace needs. Furniture rental also makes it easy to update the entire look of your office when you feel the need for change.

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