Temporarily Yours: Where to Stay During Your Home Renovation

Living through a one-room renovation disrupts your routine and makes for some noisy days. Living through a major renovation or construction project can completely disrupt your life. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or undertaking a home renovation project that’s long overdue, the million-dollar question is: where do you stay during construction? Learn about different temporary housing solutions and pick the one that’s ideal for your lifestyle.

Temporary Housing During Home Renovation: The Options

You’re not sure where to live while building a house or renovating your existing one, but you know you can’t live in a construction zone! The right temporary housing can keep you sane during an already stressful renovation or construction process. Here are a few temporary housing options during a renovation.

Find Short Term Rental Apartments

If you’ll have to vacate your home for a month or longer, securing a short-term rental apartment is an excellent option. Sometimes apartments come furnished: some short-term rentals come fully furnished, semi-furnished, or fully move-in-ready. If your temporary space comes unfurnished,  you’ll be able to recreate a homey feel during your stay by bringing along some of your own furniture and decor or opting to rent a move-in-ready furniture package. Plus, many apartment communities provide amenities like laundry, appliances, gyms, swimming pools, or a dog park. 

Use ApartmentSearch’s advanced filters to find a short-term lease with the amenities and space you need in a temporary home, or try your hand at negotiating a short-term lease.

Rent an RV or Mobile Home

If your house is uninhabitable, then you can “camp out” on your property in a rented mobile home or recreational vehicle. This option works if your property allows for portable homes and RVs and if you have access to your utilities. Living in a trailer while building a house is great if you have water and electricity hookups from your house. But if workers need to cut off utilities for an extended period, it’s best to find another place to stay during your renovation.

Stay in a Vacation Rental

Home renovation certainly doesn’t feel like a vacation, but why shouldn’t you enjoy a vacation-like space while you’re away? Sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy to find temporary housing during a home renovation. Most vacation rentals come fully furnished with everything you need, including kitchenware and linens (which means you can pack less for your move). Plus, vacation rentals are often privately owned, so there could be an opportunity to negotiate a long-term rate with a rental owner near your home rather than paying the standard per-night rate.  Keep in mind that this option could prove to be costly. 

Book an Extended-Stay Hotel

Looking for alternative housing ideas for a quick renovation? Extended stay hotels are designed for stays of about 30 days. Suites usually include a full kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, range, and stovetop. Like vacation rentals, extended stay hotels provide dishes and other housewares to give you a turnkey space. Although extended-stay hotels do feel more like a hotel than a private vacation rental or corporate housing unit might, they usually have amenities that can help keep your home construction stress at bay, like housekeeping, onsite laundry, and free continental breakfasts. Many even have swimming pools — a great perk to keep the kids happy during your temporary move. Often, extended-stay hotels are located close to shopping and business districts, which makes them very convenient temporary homes while building or renovating.

Seek Out Corporate Housing

Need fully outfitted temporary housing while building a home? Corporate housing — also commonly called furnished apartments, executive rentals or suites, and serviced apartments — can provide a full-service solution with all the comforts of home.

Most corporate housing sites include luxury amenities such as top-of-the-line appliances and scenic views. You’ll typically find corporate housing units in condominium complexes, but you can also find single-family homes designed for corporate stays if you need more space.

According to Greystar, most stays in corporate housing are an average of two or three months in length, whereas extended-stay hotels are intended for a stay period of about 30 days.

Greystar’s Senior Director of Real Estate Strategic Services, Young Hill, points out that corporate housing typically gives you separate rooms, in-unit laundry, and quiet residential surroundings—most of which you won’t get from an extended-stay hotel. 

For help finding a corporate housing provider, you can use the national directory on the Corporate Housing Providers Association website, or search online for a real estate broker or a local company specializing in corporate housing.

Look Into Temporary Rental Homes

Search for single-family short-term rental homes if you want more space than an apartment or condo can provide. Corporate housing sites such as corporatehousing.com, CHBO, and vacation rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO allow you to filter your search results to find larger places to stay during a home renovation. You may even be able to find a pet-friendly home with a backyard that little ones— the furry and human kinds alike— can enjoy.

Stay with Friends and Family

“Help! I need a place to stay ASAP!” If that’s you, local friends and family could be your best bet. Maybe you were planning to live in your home during construction, but the project has taken an unexpected turn that makes it unsafe for you and your family to stay. Or maybe you planned to stay in your current home until you built your new one, but now you need to sell your current home— and fast. 

If funds or location prevent you from finding the right fit for temporary housing during renovation or construction, you have options! Ask your family, friends, or neighbors if you can stay with them until your home is safe again. Or, at least until you can arrange for something more permanent — (as permanent as temporary housing is, anyway!). 

The Cost of Temporary Homes While Building or Renovating

When you’re deciding where to live while building a house or renovating your home, cost is a crucial factor — especially when you consider how much money you’re already spending on your construction project. Prices vary for every housing option and depend mainly on location and length of stay.

According to CHPA, the average daily rate for corporate housing falls into the $150 per day range. However, rates vary depending on location and amenities. For about the same price (and sometimes slightly less), you can rent an RV for a day, according to RV rental company CruiseAmerica.com.

Extended stay hotels usually cost less than or equal to corporate housing, although you’re trading space for amenities. Extended stay hotels typically offer discounts to those who stay for more consecutive nights. When renting a house or apartment, you’ll likely pay a negotiated fixed rate per month. Renting may be the most cost-effective option if you’re planning a long build or renovation project. However, you may want to negotiate a short-term or flexible lease if you need to end your stay early. 

Pet-Friendly Temporary Housing During Renovation

Your pets need a place to stay during your renovation, too! Living in a trailer while building a house with multiple people and large pets isn’t ideal, so pet owners may be better off looking for pet-friendly rentals, corporate housing units, or extended-stay hotels. 

Many extended-stay hotels cater to families with pets, but not all vacation rentals or corporate housing locations will allow your furry friends. Terry Atkins of Extended Stay America, a popular extended-stay hotel chain, says, “We want our guests to enjoy all the comforts of home, and that absolutely should include their four-legged friends.” If you choose an extended-stay hotel, put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign when you’re not there so housekeeping won’t startle your animals.

Most properties, regardless of type, will require you to pay a small fee for pets. Additionally, many have restrictions on the number of pets you can have in one suite or unit. If you have a menagerie or an exotic pet, you may want to consider corporate housing or a short-term apartment rental while building or renovating your home.

Alternative Housing Ideas: Furnish Them with CORT

Many furnished temporary rental homes have flat-screen TVs, premium cable and Wi-Fi, and room for additional electronics. Often, corporate housing agencies and extended-stay hotels work with rental companies to ensure guests have everything they need for their stay from the moment they walk in the door. 

But, if you opt for an unfurnished house, apartment, or onsite portable home accommodations, you may need some extra help creating a home-away-from-home. That’s where CORT Furniture Rental comes in. With furniture rental packages that include everything from dining room tables to kitchenwares and bath towels, CORT Furniture Rental can help you enjoy quality furniture and accessories that make your temporary housing feel as comfortable as your permanent space. Browse CORT’s selection of high-quality furniture, decor, and housewares to select specific items you need, or choose one of our move-in-ready packages to save time. 

Whether you’re building a new home or need a place to live during renovation, your nearby CORT showroom staff are here to help make your move as smooth as possible with furniture rental and delivery straight to your temporary housing location. 


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