7 Situations Where Renting Furniture is Worth It

You may be wondering: “Is renting furniture worth it?” That answer depends upon your reasons for renting furniture and your current situation. While furniture rental isn’t right for everyone, it definitely makes sense if you identify with any of these seven following situations. 

Read on to learn more about when — and why — it’s so worth it to rent furniture.

1. Short-Term, Long-Distance Moves 

Testing out relocating to a new city or job out of state? Want to take your long-distance relationship into the same zip code but aren’t ready for the commitment of moving in together quite yet? These are times when furniture rental is so worth it.

Renting furniture can help you avoid the costs associated with lugging your furniture across the country and is an alternative to purchasing all new furniture and decor — which is definitely not worth it until you’re sure you intend to settle in. 

No matter why you’re heading out on a short-term adventure far away from home, renting furniture can also help you save time and kick stress to the curb. Shopping for furniture, decor, and housewares is just one more thing you’ll have to do before you settle in. And with today’s furniture delays, you could find yourself sleeping on an air mattress or trying to get to work on a folding table and lawn chair — not exactly the ideal work-from-home setup. 

By renting furniture, you can arrive in your new city with just your personal belongings. Furniture rental eliminates the need for juggling the logistics of moving, purchasing, or otherwise even thinking about furniture — allowing you to focus on what really matters in the meantime. 

Not to mention, choosing furniture rental can save you money on purchasing low-quality temporary furniture, and keep that furniture out of landfills when you decide to return home. 

2. Temporary Moves 

How often do you buy new furniture? Those who tend to live on the go — including digital nomads and frequent travelers — can certainly find that furniture rental is well worth it instead of constantly rebuying. Furniture rental is perfect for those looking to stay in a location for terms of 3, 6, or even 12 months. While you could go for a furnished short-term rental or an Airbnb, you’ll likely find that those expenses quickly stack up. Plus, you’ll be limited in terms of housing which could result in living in costly or less-than-prime locations. Not to mention, you won’t have control over how your furniture and decor look or feels. 

Furniture rental provides freedom for those who tend to live life on their own terms. With furniture rental, you don’t have to stress over moving your things from one place to another, nor do you need to worry about purchasing (and then later reselling or disposing of) furniture, decor, and other household items. If you tend to live life one season (and city) at a time, furniture rental is the perfect solution for you. 

3. Furniture Delays 

Anyone who has tried to purchase furniture in the past few years can likely tell you: anticipate delays! Supply chain issues are impacting industries across the globe, including furniture manufacturers. 

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, are facing furniture delays, and have asked yourself, “why is furniture so expensive?”, consider furniture rental in the meantime. Yes — you could opt to go without or source fast furniture from a big box or online retailer while you wait for your new goods to arrive. Fast furniture is convenient — when you don’t take into account the frustrating self-assembly process that will have you Googling, “where to buy fully assembled furniture”. But, fast furniture has a few negative drawbacks. Fast furniture is produced with lower-quality materials and isn’t built to endure for the long term. These items, even if you opt to resell them when your new items arrive, won’t last long before they make their way to the landfill. Not to mention, you’ll be spending double on furniture until your new goods arrive, and then have to deal with offloading your fast furniture once it does. 

When you’re faced with furniture delays, the best choice for your wallet — and the planet — is to look at other solutions, like furniture rental. Instead of living in an empty house or creating problems down the line, opt for furniture rental instead. With CORT, you can opt for a more sustainable short-term solution by renting furniture, decor, and even electronics while you wait for your furniture to arrive. 

4. Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocations are a prime example of when furniture rental is so, so worth it. Starting at a new company out of state or moving to a new city for work can be stressful enough on its own — there’s no need to compound your stress by worrying over how to move your stuff, buy new furniture, and get everything placed just right. 

Opting for furniture rental eliminates these additional stressors and allows you to hit the ground running at work. CORT works with a number of relocation management companies — making it easy to turn any apartment into a furnished apartment. Check with your relocation company to see if CORT Furniture Rental is available to you. Once you’ve determined where you want to live, simply choose the furniture rental package that best suits your needs (and your style) and CORT can handle setting everything up.

5. Military Relocation 

Whether you’re facing a permanent change of station (PCS) or a three to six-month temporary duty order (TDY), furniture rental can play a key role in getting you and your family settled quickly. 

Furniture rental is a great choice for military personnel who need to relocate bases quickly and don’t have the time to deal with the logistics (or wait times) of moving or shipping furniture through a personally procured move program or a transportation service provider. 

Not to mention, you could arrive at your new duty station to find that permanent housing options might not be immediately available. Instead of holing up at an extended-stay hotel, you might rather opt to stay in a furnished or unfurnished apartment. If you opt for an unfurnished apartment, furniture rental can help you get set up quickly with minimal stress.

CORT has a history of commitment to serving military families. Our furniture rental services are available in all 50 states — and more than 80 countries worldwide. We make it easy to settle in with military packages designed to help active-duty service members like you. Our military packages cover all of the essentials down to towels and linens.  

6. College Students 

Renting furniture for off-campus living makes sense for many college students, especially international students, students attending college hours away from home, or those who are taking a short-term internship or summer job opportunity in another city. If you’re lucky enough to live in campus housing your Freshman year or beyond, you’re likely covered. Most dorms come furnished. 

However, living off-campus requires furniture — you’ll need to be comfortable in your space whether you’re hitting the books or hanging with friends. Finding quality furniture (or appliances and decor) can be a struggle on a college budget — particularly when you take into account moving and storage costs if you plan to go home for the summer. 

Renting furniture is a great way for college students to avoid spending hefty moving fees lugging their old furniture into their off-campus housing. Tack on additional storage costs if you plan on heading home for the summer and you may find that you’re also spending another hefty chunk of cash for your campus belongings to sit there awaiting your return. Not to mention… when you do head home for holiday breaks, you’ll likely want a bed at home! 

Thinking about shopping secondhand or at your local big-box retailer instead? Sure, it’s an option. However, you might find that you’re getting subpar furniture (and contributing to the growing problem of fast furniture). And… you definitely don’t want want to be the one who brings bed bugs into your apartment. 

With CORT Furniture Rental, you can select the student package that best fits your space, budget, and needs. That means you’ll have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Best of all? You won’t need to lift a finger to move in or out. We’ll bring your items and set everything up before classes (or your dream internship!) start, and take everything away when your lease term is up.

7. Home Staging 

Looking to sell your home — but need to bring your personal belongings and furniture along with you to your new place ASAP? Consider staging your home with furniture rental. Whether you’re selling your home yourself or working with a real estate agent, it’s worth it to look into furniture rental for home staging. 

If you’ve watched any real estate reality tv show, you know that selling your house is all about providing appeal and allowing potential buyers to envision your current space as their future home. However, a house without furniture and decor doesn’t feel much like home — which can lead to your home sitting on the market for longer than necessary.

In addition to providing a welcoming, inviting space, there are some concrete benefits to staging your home, too. Staged homes tend to spend 73% less time on the market and fetch up to 5% more compared to homes that aren’t staged. So, if you’re looking to close as soon as possible, renting furniture for home staging is definitely worth it. 

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Is Furniture Rental Right for You? Turn to CORT

Does renting furniture make sense for your situation? If not, check out our gently used furniture outlets: CORT Furniture Outlet. You can find amazing deals on furniture that is ready to take home the day you purchase. If renting furniture DOES make sense, CORT can help you furnish your apartment quickly and effortlessly. 

Simply start by creating a custom furniture subscription package online. View the always-changing inventory of stylish furniture and even use our AR technology to envision our furniture in your space. 

Then, add the furniture you need to your package, decide how long your lease term will be, and schedule a delivery date. Our team of professional movers will deliver and set up your furniture. When your lease term is up, our crew will pick up your furniture! Start creating the perfect furniture rental package today online or in-store at a CORT showroom location nearest you.


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