Decorating Trends to Leave in 2023

As we approach the halfway mark of 2024, it’s time to reassess our previous interior design choices and bid farewell to trends that have overstayed their welcome. In their place, we welcome the emergence of fresh and exciting 2024 interior design trends. From color palettes to design aesthetics, here we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to what’s in and what’s out this year in the ever-evolving world of home decor.

In: Jewel Tones

The richness and vibrancy of jewel tones are making a bold comeback. Deep emerald greens can evoke a sense of lushness and opulence, while sapphire blues bring a calming and serene ambiance to any room. Don’t forget about the luxurious warmth of ruby reds, which can infuse your space with passion and drama. 


Jewel tones like these are set to dominate interior palettes this year, adding depth, character, and a touch of extravagance to your home décor. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy retreat in your living room or a sumptuous dining experience in your kitchen, jewel tones offer endless possibilities for creating a space that feels both luxurious and inviting.


Out: Beige Everything

This year is the time to bid farewell to the monotony of neutral color schemes. While beige may have once been a go-to choice for its neutrality, its time in the spotlight has come to an end, and it now falls on the list of bad interior design. In 2024, it’s all about bidding adieu to this bland hue and welcoming more vibrant and expressive colors into your home. Say hello to a palette that’s bold, dynamic, and full of personality. It’s time to embrace color


In: Statement Coffee Tables

In the evolving landscape of home decor trends, coffee tables, in particular, are having a moment. These mainstays of home furniture have transcended their traditional role as mere functional pieces. They now serve as captivating focal points that anchor and elevate the aesthetic of the living room. Gone are the days of mundane coffee tables; instead, homeowners are seeking out pieces with striking visual appeal. 


Picture a living room centerpiece with sculptural shapes that defy convention, boasting intriguing silhouettes that draw the eye and spark conversation. Bold colors and unexpected materials are emerging as key design elements, with coffee tables crafted from unconventional substances such as concrete, terrazzo, or even acrylic. These unique materials not only lend a sense of modernity and sophistication but also contribute to the overall ambiance of the space.


Out: Overly-Matchy Furniture Sets

The era of perfectly coordinated furniture sets has come to an end. Instead, there’s a growing trend towards embracing a more eclectic and personalized approach to decorating. It’s all about infusing your space with character and individuality by curating a mix of styles, textures, and finishes that reflect your unique personality and aesthetic preferences. 


Embrace the art of juxtaposition by pairing sleek, modern accent pieces with vintage finds or incorporating elements from different design styles, such as mid-century modern, bohemian, or industrial. Experiment with contrasting textures like smooth leather against rough-hewn wood or plush velvet juxtaposed with sleek metals. Don’t be afraid to play with finishes, either – mix matte surfaces with glossy accents for added visual interest. 


In: Furniture With a Purpose (Or Several!)

Furniture that serves a purpose or can be used in several different ways? That’s going to be a lasting trend. Think about a dining table that can serve as a desk or even a conference table. An ottoman that has storage. A living room sofa that’s just as at home in an office as it is in front of your TV. At CORT, we focus on products that don’t have a limited scope of use!


That means not only are our products useful to you today, but they also have a broader appeal to future rental customers. The table that you use for family dinners might be a conference table in an office next. Timeless styles and intentional designs that keep with the major trends ensure that our products stay desirable for the rental cycle and once they move on to the next step at CORT Furniture Outlet. Usefulness and sustainability? That makes our furniture the ultimate purpose piece.


CORT Has Your 2024 Styles

Don’t make the mistake of dating your home – leave microtrends behind and embrace the timeless in your space with furniture from CORT Furniture Rental. With a large inventory of everything you need, from sofas and beds to comfortable chairs and cozy linens, CORT provides endless furniture configuration options that will fit your home and vision of the ultimate soothing space. 


Sustainability and standards are in.

Timelessness doesn’t just come down to style, though – it’s also about construction and the full life cycle of furniture. CORT has developed CORT Construction Standards™ for all our furnishings, including standards for our hardwood frames, foam density, fabric construction, and fiber content. These standards ensure the durability we require so our furniture will hold up to multiple moves and multiple uses.


Since we work directly with our manufacturers to produce furniture that aligns with our CORT Construction Standards™, they continue to look for new and more sustainable materials that will withstand our cleaning requirements and can be repaired or refurbished. 


It doesn’t end with rental.

When you’re finished with a CORT piece, our team of experts will inspect, clean, and repair it to prepare it for the next customer. Once the rental lifecycle is complete, the products are once again cleaned and repaired to prepare them for sale. That’s right – CORT furniture doesn’t end in the landfill once its useful rental life is up. These products are sold at discounted prices through CORT Furniture Outlet so that they can start a new life in someone’s home.


Ready to start your CORT journey?

Start by browsing the furniture and decor you want to rent. After you create a furniture package that’s tailored to your space and needs, our team will deliver and set up furniture for you. Then, when you’re ready, you can schedule a pickup date, and our team will haul the furniture away. Start browsing online or in-store today!

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