Home Staging Tips for Hanging Art

home stagingHome staging professionals appreciate the value of a well-placed picture. How and where you hang your photos and paintings can make or break your decor. Whether you are a designer, home staging expert or simply love to decorate your space, knowing the tricks and tips for hanging pictures can make your life a whole lot more fun.

When deciding how many and which paintings and photos to hang, its important to consider the size of the wall. On a small wall, too many pictures can look cluttered (a home staging don’t). Conversely, a small picture on a large wall can look silly and incomplete. If you have a large space to fill, but only have smaller piece of art, try arranging the pictures in groups. If you don’t have enough pictures to accomplish this, try filling in space with mirrors or even an empty picture frame for a creative twist. Try to select pictures that work well together visually, taking into consideration color, style and theme. While there are no hard and fast rules about this, hanging a brightly-colored sports photograph next to a pastel still life would almost certainly create a sense of discord.

Home staging experts know that a little prior planning can go a long way toward making your space look incredible. When you have decided which pieces of art or photos to hang, create a full-sized, labeled paper template for each piece. With low-stick adhesive, place each template on the wall to see exactly how the layout will be. Before you pick up a hammer or screwdriver, consider the weight of each piece and what what type of mounting each will allow. Also, another home staging trick is using your paper templates to locate the correct place to put each mount, drilling or hammering right through the paper and ripping it off when you are done.

In general, hang pictures at eye level. When hanging pictures next to a large object (like a sofa or other home furniture rental pieces), you may want to avoid leaving too much space between the top of the sofa and the picture. Six inches is plenty. When decorating or home staging a modern or formal space, consider using frames and mats that are the same color. Picture hanging kits can be found in any hardware store and come in a wide variety of styles. Select a style that makes sense given the style of the room. And remember, pictures don’t always have to be hung to find a home. Staging pictures on a floating shelf can create a great modern look. Whatever your choices, we hope you’ve found this weeks furniture blog helpful. Happy decorating!