High Glamour Home: Furniture Rental for Any Budget

What is “high glamour?” If there is a purpose to high glamour, it is to bring forth the opulent beauty of a form. Subtly seductive and certainly alluring, high glamour creates a mood of luxury and a touch of indulgence. Mostly, when people think of glamour, wealth and expense come to mind, but high glamour can be achieved by anyone on any budget.

Understanding some of the principles behind glamour allows one to simply use those principles with less expensive alternatives, including your home furniture rental choices. So what are some of these principles?

Indulge the senses with texture. Using multiple complementary textures in a room creates a sense of luxury, as if telling the body that “there are many experiences here to choose from.” When colors are well coordinated, a variety of textures in fabrics, throws and even paint will add depth and opulence to your home furniture rental pieces and to the overall design. If the budget is limited, a variety of textures can read as rich even when the expense is actually quite cheap.

Playing with light can also add this subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sense of indulgence so key to high glamour. Candles and beautiful lamps with low-wattage bulbs add an air of elegance. Adding materials that play with light, such as glass, metals, and silks also add this elegance and play of light. For a tried and true, yet inexpensive high glamour technique, try “gilding” your picture frames and other wooden objects in the room with a layer of gold glaze or gold paint. Take a look online at our home furniture rental choices for ideas.

If you want to play around with a few options, home furniture rental is a great way to keep your options open while exploring different looks. Of course, getting ideas from others is always a great way to get inspired. You may also want to take a look at our High Glam pinboard on Pinterest for many beautiful ways to create a high glamour design on a budget.