Bedroom on a Budget? Use Clearance Furniture and More!

clearance furnitureIs your bedroom in need of a little sprucing up?  From curtains to clearance furniture, there are so many ways you can improve your bedroom’s look without spending lots of money.  Maybe you’ve decided to change the look of your whole home; maybe you have re-upped the lease on your apartment and would like to personalize your space; or maybe you just want to make some little changes in order to mix things up.  Whatever your reason for your bedroom re-do, we have suggestions to help you do it up right.

The Little Things

Whether you choose to undertake a total makeover or you want to make subtle changes, the details in a room make all the difference.  Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can give a room new life.  You could opt to lighten the things and paint the room white, or you could design around dark walls, or even take the plunge and paint your bedroom a bright, bold color.  Even the simple act of hanging curtains can make a room look finished.


To make a bigger change, put on your thinking cap and start to search for deals on furnishings and accessories.  Clearance furniture isn’t always hard to find.  Clearance furniture at furniture rental companies like CORT can be a great way to get a bargain on quality furniture.  These clearance centers offer high-quality, refurbished furniture at low prices so you can  get more bang for your redesign buck.

Think Outside the Box

Once you have your major furniture items, start considering décor for the rest of your bedroom.  Try using things as room décor you might not normally consider.  A wrought iron gate or pieces of old wood could become a headboard.  A piece of colorful tissue paper, cotton, or silk can be turned into a lampshade that brings a new color of light to a room.  Be creative, and you’ll come up with a whole host of things to pair with your bargain finds or clearance furniture.

Where have you found your best deals on bargain or clearance furniture, and how have you used them in your bedroom?  Send us your tips on Facebook or Twitter!