Get Inspired: CORT’s Most Popular Bedroom Furniture Pieces of 2022

Whether your bedroom is big or small, there are a few essential furniture pieces you’ll want to be sure to include: a dresser for clothing storage, a bed, and nightstands. Take inspiration from some of CORT’s most popular bedroom furniture in 2022. 


CORT’s most popular dressers of 2022 effortlessly combine style with much-needed organizational space. Our selection of the most popular dressers spans a variety of design styles, including industrial, nordic Scandinavian, and classic mid-century. 

Pro Tip: If you’re living in a studio apartment, dressers can be used as a TV stand or media console, too! 

The Smores Dresser: Industrial Style Perfect for Small Spaces 

The compact Smores Dresser is a popular choice for renters with small spaces who are looking to capitalize on style without sacrificing storage. The Smores Dresser is composed of four small drawers and four large drawers, creating visual interest while ensuring you’ll have ample storage space. Thanks to its sleek pulls and contrasting trim, this gray wooden dresser perfectly complements a variety of bedroom aesthetics. 

The Mackenzie Dresser: Vintage Industrial Style With Ample Storage Space

The Mackenzie Dresser fuses vintage and industrial styles. The Mackenzie dresser’s grainy walnut wood surface adds texture, while the cup pulls add a splash of interest and sophistication. 

Pro Tip: Pair the Mackenzie dresser with the optional mirror to brighten your space and enhance utility!

The Hygge Dresser: Add Warmth and a Danish-Modern Feel 

The Hygge Dresser boats light wood, striking metal feet, and sleek bar pulls — and plenty of storage space. This sleek and simple design can offer modern appeal (and needed storage) to any bedroom — whether your style leans traditional, contemporary, or eclectic.  

The Hendrick Dresser: Mid-Century Style Meets Storage

This classic wooden mid-century inspired dresser — available in a lighter or deeper hue — can elevate any bedroom — no matter your style. With ample storage and classic appeal, it’s no surprise why the Hendrick Dresser is one of 2022’s most popular furniture pieces. 


Nightstands provide both form and function: a set of nightstands on either side of your bed creates interest and symmetry while also providing much-needed surface and storage space. Need help selecting a nightstand? Consider one of 2022’s top leased options. 

The Smores Nightstand: Compact and Cozy With Convenient Shelving Space

Featuring gray wood and contrasting trim, the compact Smores Nightstand can complete your bedroom and provide additional storage. The Smores Nightstand has a convenient pull drawer with negative space, perfect for stashing books or a basket of bedtime essentials — making it a popular choice for those looking for nightstands for a small bedroom. 

The Mackenzie Nightstand: Vintage Feel and Bedside Function

Add warmth and function to your bedroom with the Mackenzie Nighstand. This vintage-industrial style nightstand proved a popular and practical choice in 2022— providing a bedside surface for lighting, in addition to two storage drawers featuring classic bin pull hardware. 

The Hygge Nighstand: Warm and Modern Danish-Inspired Design

Streamlined Nordic-Scandanavian-inspired design remained popular in 2022, as evidenced by the popularity of the Hygge Nighstand. This elegant design provides both drawer and reach-in storage space and easily transcends design styles.

The Bridgewater Nightstand:

The Bridgewater Nighstand, part of the popular Bridgewater collection, is classic and attractive, making it one of our top-rented pieces of 2022. Add storage and style to your space with the Bridgewater Nighstand featuring a classic wood grain finish. For additional storage (and a classic base), consider opting for the Bridgewater Storage Bed and dresser. 


Your bed is the largest item of furniture in your room — why not ensure it looks great, too? Headboards can provide a little extra something to your space. 

Melrose Queen Headboard: Luxurious Upholstered Feel

In search of simplistic style and elegance? In 2022, CORT customers opted to create a polished luxury boutique hotel feel in the bedroom with our popular gray upholstered Melrose Queen headboard

The Quincy Queen Headboard: Warm and Sophisticated

Headboards provide a focal point for your bedroom — so it’s no surprise that the Quincy Queen headboard was one of 2022’s most popular headboard choices. The Quincy Queen headboard is a taupe upholstered headboard that adds warmth and sophistication to any bedroom space — no matter your style or preferred color palette. 

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