Apartment Move-in Checklist: 7 Tips You May Not Know About

With all the packing, organization, and heavy lifting involved, moving into a new apartment can be a challenge, but you have it under control — or do you? Here are seven essential moving tips you may not know about to add to your apartment move-in checklist.

1. Spread the News About Your Move

When it’s time to notify friends and family about your move, find fun ways to keep them in the loop. Throw a going-away party for yourself, and spread the word over social media. Send moving announcements in paper postcard or e-card form, or mail out invitations to a housewarming party at your new place. Once you’re settled in, text photos of your newly decorated apartment to let loved ones know you’re doing well.

2. Be Smart About Services

Ensure a seamless transition on apartment moving day by being smart about utility cancellation and hookups. Schedule cancellation for cable, electricity, water, and internet for the day after your move, and have these services turned on at your new place the day before your move.

3. Avoid Moving on Friday

Many people choose Fridays to move their belongings from place to place, thinking they will have the rest of the weekend for unpacking and setting up house. In reality, this plan doesn’t always work well. Street traffic is much busier on Fridays, and banks and other companies often close early for the weekend, leaving you in a bind should you need to contact them. Because Friday is a popular moving day, it’s also more expensive and more difficult to schedule if you plan to hire movers.

4. Pack Closets Easily

When you’re packing up your bedroom or hall closets, leave clothing on hangers. Group multiple pieces together, and cover them with upside down trash bags. Create an opening for the hangers in the bottom of the bag, and bind them together with a zip tie. When you arrive at your new apartment, just uncover each bundle, cut the zip tie, and hang.

5. Learn Smart Packing Tips

For more packing tips, load boxes in layers by placing items you use least toward the bottom. Save on packing paper by placing breakable knickknacks inside socks, and use dish towels and bath towels in place of packing peanuts. Before unplugging televisions and cable boxes, take photographs of the various cords and connections for easy setup in your new apartment. Always pack electronics in the original boxes if possible.

6. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or coworkers for assistance with packing, loading, and transporting your belongings. At some point, nearly everyone needs help moving, so you can return the favor in kind. Make sure to reward helpers well. On moving day, take orders for morning coffee drinks, stock a cooler with sandwiches and beverages, and keep cash on hand for gas reimbursement.

7. Don’t Wait to Furnish Your Apartment

If you don’t have furniture, turn to CORT Furniture Rental for a quick and easy solution. You can find packages to fill entire rooms or your whole home. With convenient pickup and setup, it represents one huge item to cross off your to-do list.

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When moving into a new apartment, you never know what kind of challenges you’ll face. Make the process smoother and your move better overall with this handy checklist.