Ease Relocation Blues with a Housewarming Party

Relocation, whether it’s to another city or just across town, can be very unsettling. Even if you have used destination services, relocation can be a lot of work. Aside from the hassles of packing, unpacking, organizing and cleaning, relocation also means turning your new space into a place you can call home. A great housewarming party can help you do just that.

Here are a few great housewarming party ideas that will help you turn your new space into a warm and inviting place you can call home and have a great party at the same time!

The History of Housewarming

Housewarming parties originated as events (dating back to the 12th century) in which neighbors and friends would bring firewood and embers to literally warm up a house. Also, an important part of relocation to a new home was driving out spirits thought to occupy empty houses. The fire was believed to help rid the home of these spirits. These days, of course, the term has evolved to mean bringing warm gifts and wishes, but it remains a tradition to help someone make a home their own.

Planning Well

Housewarming parties are typically held within the first three months of relocation. One of the special aspects of a housewarming party is giving your friends and neighbors an opportunity to welcome you and contribute to your home. For that reason, potlucks are a popular choice for this event. If you are planning a potluck, be sure to give people plenty of time and enough coordination to bring an appropriate dish.

Housewarming Activities

If you want to bring in some of the traditional themes, bluebirds represent good luck and pineapples symbolize hospitality and warm welcome. In fact, both were traditionally given as gifts to bring goodwill to someone’s relocation. Your guests have taken the opportunity to make your relocation more friendly and welcome, so you may want to incorporate their interests into an activity. For example, a favorite photo with a wide mat can provide a space for people to write warm wishes. Or, you can invite people to bring their favorite recipe along with a dish and combine the recipes to make a commemorative recipe book. If you really want to make a mark, start a graffiti wall. Choose a spot in your hallway or a favorite nook and with painters tape, mark out a specific area. You may want to paint the area a different color, frame the area, or simply leave it open. Choose a set of permanent markers with firm tips and encourage your guests to start your graffiti wall by writing a welcome message on it. They’ll never forget the experience and you’ll never forget their warm wishes!

For more house warming party and housewarming gift ideas, visit our Pinterest site. Warm wishes for a successful relocation and your new home!