How to Be a Homebody Away From Home

Living in transitional circumstances makes it easy to get caught up in the excitement of exploring a new city, going out to eat, attending shows, and keeping yourself busy with work or school. But what happens when your budget doesn’t align with that lifestyle, or you’ve been in a state of transition for an extended period and need more structure? The answer lies in embracing your inner homebody!


Becoming a homebody can be a refreshing change in a world that often glorifies a busy lifestyle. It offers stability and an opportunity to make any place feel like home, even in the most transient situations. So, whether you’re naturally inclined to be a homebody or not, here are a few tips on giving it a try – you might discover a new way of living that brings balance into your life.


What Is a Homebody?


A homebody is a person who prefers to spend their time in their own space, as opposed to out doing things. Homebodies value the sanctuary they’ve created and relish in the simple pleasures of domestic life, often solo. Being a homebody isn’t necessarily about shunning the outside world or being a recluse. Homebodies might be alone, but not lonely.


Is it okay to be a homebody?


It’s okay to be a homebody and simply a matter of personal preference. Learning to be alone and spend time at home can offer a much-needed balance in a world that prioritizes constant activity and external stimulation. It’s not about avoiding social interaction or adventure but finding a sense of belonging and tranquility within your space.


How to Be a Homebody in Temporary Living Situations


1. Take “home” wherever you go.


If you tend to live out of a carry-on bag, you know that packing light is key. However, it’s easy to bring a souvenir or two along. Pick something small, like a plush toy from your childhood, or even something useful, like a sweatshirt from a memorable trip. Nostalgic objects like this can help you stay connected to the things that matter most.


2. Decorate your space to feel like you.


Even in a temporary home, you can make the space yours. Decorate with your favorite colors, hang up photos of loved ones, or display cherished mementos. The smallest touches, like a framed picture or a candle in your favorite scent, can bring a personal touch to your home. In addition, picking furniture and decor that fits your style can help your space feel complete.


3. Learn a new skill from the comfort of your apartment.


Staying in doesn’t have to be boring or limited to binge-watching the same series repeatedly! Learning opportunities are endless when you have internet access – from a simple language learning app to a self-paced graduate degree, you can do as little or as much as you’ve got time for. 


4. Turn your home into a cozy sanctuary.


Having a personalized space is the first step to turning your home into a place you can’t wait to return to, but the next step is making it cozy. Quality bedding, plush pillows and throws, and comfortable living room furniture for relaxing can make a difference in how you feel in your space.


5. Become a home-cooking pro.


One of the joys of being a homebody is relishing homemade meals. Preparing your food can be both cost-effective and incredibly rewarding. Even if you’re not a master chef, there are plenty of easy and delicious recipes to explore. And if you want to try something more challenging, the internet is full of detailed tutorials to help you level up your cooking! But make sure you’ve got all of the necessary utensils, appliances, and tools for your cooking adventures because there’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have the right tools midway through a recipe.


6. Establish a routine.


A homebody thrives on routine. While it’s great to explore new places and experiences, having a set routine can provide a sense of stability and comfort. This routine can include designated relaxation time, such as reading a book, taking a bath, or simply unwinding with a favorite movie or TV show.


7. Don’t settle for impersonal spaces like hotels.


Hotel rooms can quickly become a beige blur if you live on the road. But you don’t have to settle for that! Embracing unfurnished, short-term rentals can allow you to make your space your own with furniture rental. From picking out your bed to the style of dresser you want, you can turn your temporary space into a relaxing retreat.


8. Pick up a hobby that travels well.


Your temporary home likely won’t have a full art studio for you to take advantage of or room for the baby grand piano that lives in your permanent space! However, many hobbies travel easily and can be done on a budget. Some ideas include:


  • Drawing and painting with a travel watercolor set
  • Knitting and crocheting (as a bonus, you’ll have handmade gifts for your new friends!)
  • Reading, writing, and journaling
  • Handheld and laptop gaming
  • Meditation and yoga


CORT Furniture Rental Makes Being a Homebody a Breeze!


When you live in a temporary or transitional situation, it can be hard to feel at home. You might distract yourself by going out as much as possible. Spending time in a cookie-cutter hotel or an apartment full of someone else’s furniture just reminds you of how temporary your stay is.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. With CORT Furniture Rental, you can furnish your temporary space in your style and make your space feel like home. From simple ready-made packages to fully customizable sets, CORT allows you to be yourself without the complications of hauling your furniture around. You can even build a complete kitchen package with CORT to ensure you get the most out of your new cooking skills! Get started building your furniture rental package today, either in-store or online, and build a space that you’re excited to be in.

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