Glass Furniture: The Eco-Friendly Option You Likely Hadn’t Considered

With sustainability becoming such a buzzword in everything from furniture to dishwashing detergent, more and more consumers are looking for ways to make their lives cleaner and greener. When it comes to sustainable furniture that often means looking at buying sustainable woods, choosing organic or natural fibers, and seeking out reclaimed or vintage products instead of buying brand new.

But when it comes to eco-friendly offerings, one of the most readily available but often overlooked materials is glass.

Glass furniture is a sleek and stylish addition to any interior, and it’s also extremely — and surprisingly — durable. When paired with metal furniture, it creates a modern look that appears both delicate and sophisticated, but it can withstand years of use. Unlike wood, which can become a feast for termites or can lose its finish over time, glass is easy to maintain and continues looking brand new for many years.

Here’s a look at just a few of the ways glass can add a stunning but eco-friendly touch to your home.

Hang Glass Shelves

Glass shelves create an illusion of more space because of their transparent nature. They’re particularly useful in a small room since they serve the purpose of providing a home for books and other objects, yet they lend a sense of spaciousness.

Floating glass shelves take that one step further. Using metal supports to connect to the wall, they can make your prized display objects appear to hover in the air, which, of course, only makes them look more appealing.

Glass Console Tables and Bar Carts

As accent pieces, glass can pull a room together and also become the star of the show. A console table resting against the back of a sofa or against a wall becomes more striking when it’s made of glass, and it elegantly showcases anything that rests atop it.

Bar carts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and when they’re made of glass, they have a retro-cool appeal that is both stylish and functional.

Dining Tables

Glass dining tables are nothing new, but today they have a more sophisticated and stylish look. An all-glass table can open up a space to create an illusion of roominess and make small spaces seem larger, while at the same time creating an appealing, modern look.

When you’re in the mood to update your space but want to maintain an eco-friendly sensibility, think about glass as your furniture of choice. And, when you’re ready to try out something new, see what CORT Furniture Rental has to offer.

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