Discovering Sustainable Furniture: Tricks for Eco-Friendly Home Decor

If you’re thinking about making your home more eco-friendly, then your decor is a great place to start. With just a few changes, you can breathe new style into your interior space and create a healthier environment at the same time. If you want to give your home a fresh new look, then these design tricks can help you do that and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.

Think Secondhand

Buying brand-new furniture sounds appealing, but it often has a big environmental impact. When it comes time to replace old furniture or add more, scour rummage sales, antique markets, estate sales, and secondhand furniture stores for furniture pieces that are in good condition.

If you’re patient, you’ll find that these sources are a goldmine for staple items like dining tables, end tables, and bookcases. With some scouring, you’ll also be able to find other decorative pieces like framed pictures, collectibles, and knickknacks. When you purchase and reuse older furniture and accessories, you aren’t just giving them a new home; you’re also giving a boost to the environment.

Look Down

Home decor goes right to the floor. The carpeting and floor choices you make can have a big environmental impact. For example, some carpeting is full of chemicals, which makes it not only harmful when it’s made, but also harmful as those chemicals are released throughout your home. Carpeting also traps dirt and toxins brought in from the outside. Rather than a floor-to-floor covering, replace synthetic carpeting with sustainable bamboo or cork flooring. If wood isn’t in the budget, then consider linoleum flooring instead. This type of flooring typically lasts much longer than carpet, and it doesn’t trap pollutants like carpeting does.

Choose All-Natural

Home decor reaches beyond your furniture and flooring. Even the pillows and linens you choose can impact your home’s look, so pick items that contribute both to the well-being of your home and the environment. Instead of synthetic blends, opt for natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and wool. Using organic linens contributes to sustainable agricultural practices, and you can feel comfortable knowing you aren’t bringing the effects of pesticides or toxins into your home.

Add Some Life

Houseplants are a staple in eco-friendly home decor. They not only add a pop of color and life to a room, but they even purify the air you breathe. Many plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, eliminating the toxins in the air. These plants come in a range of sizes and varieties, making them a design idea that looks good, feels good, and is eco-friendly too.

Furniture rental is one of the best ways to decrease your carbon footprint. Rather than buying furniture that will only survive one move and end up in the landfill, furniture rental reduces waste, as pieces are cleaned and refurbished and then used again. Visit CORT Furniture Rental to find furniture and home decor items that match your décor, and your green lifestyle.

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