Girls’ Night in Ideas: How to Celebrate in Style

Getting tired of the same old, same old every Saturday night? Who says you have to go out to have fun with your gal pals? A girls’ night in can be just as enjoyable as an evening out on campus or off. So, skip the Ubers and expensive evenings and gather up your besties. Get ready for a memorable time with these girls’ night in ideas.

Red Carpet Event: Movie Night

Celebrate in style with a movie night. Download the latest chick flicks — or have a marathon of the latest Oscar nominees if that’s more your style — and make the occasion extra fancy with French bread, cheese fondue, and wine (once you’ve hit the big 2-1). Or, make it a themed event. If the movie you’re watching is set in Mexico, then serve tacos and margaritas. Does the movie take place in London? Speak with an English accent all night for extra laughs.

Treat Yourselves to a Spa Night

Spa night for a girl's night in

If a spa night is your cup of tea, then load up on nail clippers, files, and plenty of polish. Everyone can use a little pampering. Make a playlist full of your favorite songs, and find a good recipe for a DIY mask. Add champagne in pretty flutes, some fluffy bathrobes, and candles for a night that’s all about beauty. You can even ask each woman to bring her favorite beauty product and have a swap.

Spike Fierce Competition with Board Games

Board game fun on a girl's night in

Whether it’s a board game bash or a loud round of charades, dial up the energy on your girls’ night in with a game night. Have fun choosing teams, too. Pair ladies born in the same month or friends who have known each other the longest to see who comes out on top. And be sure to put a fun bet in place — winners get to choose what the group does for the next girls’ night in.

Get Creative

To get creative, you can always do craft night, but here are some other inspired girls’ night in ideas for adults that gets everyone’s creative juices flowing.

  • Host a book swap to exchange your favorite reads (bring a book; take a book). Everyone deserves to read something other than a textbook now and again.
  • Throw a “favorite things” party where each person brings a favorite item and leaves with someone else’s.
  • Plan an international potluck dinner where each woman arrives with a plate from a different country.
  • Invite an expert in essential oils to come over and teach everyone the ins and outs of the benefits. After all, learning isn’t just for your college degree.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth, and have everyone bring different foods that are dipped in chocolate.

Be a Kid Again

Be a kid again on your girl's night in

When all else fails, host your own dance party and twirl like nobody’s watching. Sing karaoke. Make friendship bracelets. Go on a scavenger hunt. Play games like truth or dare, hide and seek, or 20 questions. Break out the jigsaw puzzles and coloring books. Blast music that was popular when you were a kid, and serve your favorite treats from growing up. You’re never too old to enjoy the simple things.

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