Office Furniture Rental: How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair

office furniture rentalWhen it comes to office furniture rental, here at CORT we understand that the choices can become overwhelming, especially when it comes to hunting for office chairs. Office chairs come in so many shapes and sizes–how do you choose the right chairs for your business?

Well, for good reason, office chairs are most often categorized by their function. Guest seating is intended for people who are visiting the company. Because these chairs will likely involve a relatively short meeting and require little movement, a stationary chair is generally a good choice. However, for these one-on-one meetings, comfort is also key, as you want to make guests of the office feel welcome.

For larger meetings held in multi-purpose rooms, you may opt for a stacking chair. These chairs nest neatly into each other for space-saving convenience and can be easily arranged for groups of various sizes. They also come in a surprising variety of shapes and styles. For smaller meetings in the conference room, select a chair that you feel best matches both the tone of the meetings and the need for movement. If attendees will be motivated to get up and move around, a rolling and/or swiveling conference chair may be needed.

Employees, managers and executives alike will appreciate having a chair that meets their physical and on-the-job needs. CORT’s office furniture rental services include a wide variety of task chairs and executive chairs to match any circumstance. We are proud to be the only authorized supplier of Herman Miller office rental furniture nationwide. Of course, as more and more people work in front of a computer, ergonomics have become a concern for many. While many think that ergonomics has to do with a style of chair, in reality, it has more to do with making sure that the chair you select is a match for your usage, body and posture. In general, you want to select a chair that will allow you to hold your wrists in a straight and natural position. It should also allow your feet to rest comfortably on the floor with your knees at hip level.

While some ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to provide the flexibility needed for individual customization, modifications can be made to other chairs to make them more ergonomic. For example, if the chair you are selecting does not offer lumbar support, or the person using the chair cannot place their feet on the floor, lumbar pillows and foot rests can be effective alternatives. Ergonomics goes beyond the chair, however, including things like desk height and distance from the computer screen. For a more complete explanation, the Mayo Clinic offers a handy visual and interactive guide to ergonomics.

Whatever choice you make, office furniture rental can provide you with the variety and flexibility to meet all of your specific needs wether your company is a startup or a Fortune 500 company. And if your company is international or making a global move, check out CORT global, our global catalog. We wish you happy hunting!