Moving to Canada? CORT Global Can Help

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If you are moving to Canada, chances are you’ve got your hands full.  Between finding a place to live and making all the necessary arrangements, the last thing you want to deal with is finding rental furniture in Canada. But the truth is, as much as you may love the furniture you currently own, shipping furniture internationally is an expense few people are prepared to accept. That’s why it works to make arrangements with a company like CORT Global. With CORT Global, you have all the advantage of consultants experienced with interior design and home staging, and none of the endless hassle of shopping. CORT Global does it for you.

Canada is a wonderful place to live. The second largest country in the world by acreage, Canada has also shown surprising financial stability in an uncertain global economy. A mixture of French, English and Aboriginal cultures, Canada boasts a blend of cultures as diverse and rich as its landscape. From Vancouver to Montreal, people from around the world find Canada a very fulfilling and satisfying place to live. But regardless of how pleasant and welcoming a culture may be, it can be difficult to relocate, especially to a different country. With the personal and logistical challenges of an international move, you need anything that will make the process easier.

That’s why we offer our international destination services. With CORT Global, you’ll work with an agent to select furniture that matches both your new home and your style. CORT Global has partnerships with furniture rental companies worldwide, making a great selection of furniture available with a fast delivery. Plus, arranging rental furniture in Canada becomes easy when your CORT Global consultant offers a single point of contact dedicated to help you all the way from packing to settling in. And in many cases, we can go way beyond delivery, setting up your home just the way you want it, so that when you walk in the door, you’ll know you’re home.