Design Trends for Your Modern Office

The approach to how we work has dramatically shifted in recent years, and that shift has changed the look of the modern office. Gone are the drab dark woods and the gray cubicles. Today, the aesthetics of a space are strongly associated with the company’s culture, and modern office furniture reflects that trend.

Employers know that having happier workers leads to greater productivity, and they are looking to create environments that are more enjoyable and that lend themselves to greater collaboration and connectivity. Take a look at three trends that are affecting modern office design.

Emphasis on Wellbeing

Experience spaces like game rooms and even sleep pods are proof of employers’ changing attitudes toward workers’ well-being. Some corporations have gone so far as to add rock-climbing walls, massage rooms, and meditation areas to allow workers to take a break and refresh in whatever way works best for them.

One easy way to improve wellbeing is through the addition of plants. Plants in the workplace are connected to fewer health complaints, lower blood pressure, and even greater productivity.

Improved Workplace Lighting

Fluorescent lights are a thing of the past. Today, studies have shown that better lighting equals better health and lower absentee rates in the office. Having bright, open spaces is great for the overall mood of your workers, but if you don’t have plenty of daylight and windows, then adding artificial light via lamps can help improve the mood.

Modern Flexible Spaces

A well-designed office will meet a variety of needs for employees. Spaces for collaboration are essential in the modern office environment, but comfortable areas that allow for private conversations and quiet concentration are also necessary.

Flexible meeting spaces have taken the place of the formal conference room and can take many different forms. Finding a way to meet in an environment that works best for your team can be rewarding and enjoyable for everyone on the team.

As you look for ways to make the most of modern design trends, remember that you can keep pace with these changes by using CORT Furniture Rental to meet all your office furniture needs. Work smart and keep your environment fresh with furniture that is flexible enough to grow along with your company.

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