Generation Z and the Shift to Wellness in the Workplace

How important is work environment when it comes to job satisfaction? According to recent studies, it’s critical. Gallup showed only 32 percent of workers feel engaged at their jobs, and actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion each year in lost production.

One way businesses are reinventing their workspaces is by focusing on the employee experience – specifically, employee wellness. To keep staff mentally-engaged in their work, businesses are catering to their needs and expectations by incorporating furnishings that encourage creativity, collaboration and overall well-being.

We’ve already seen a trend towards open office spaces, but new products are now being introduced to the market with proven health benefits that can reduce stress and increase productivity. For example, chairs are now being designed to automatically adjust to body micro-movements, which distributes a person’s weight evenly while they sit. This can decrease pressure and encourage movement, which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus. This can also reduce a person’s heart and respiratory rate.

Workplace trends change regularly, but one constant is the source of influence: the employees. As millennials and Generation Z continue to enter the workforce, they’ll bring their work styles and preferences with them. It’s then up to the facility managers and business owners to adjust accordingly to increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover. With wellness in mind, businesses can attract and retain the latest generation of employees who enjoy being active and place strong value in their health and wellness.