Open Office Layout Ideas for Optimal Productivity

When it comes to a productive office environment, layout plays a key role. According to the International Management Facility Association, about 70 percent of commercial office building plans feature an open design concept — a floor plan with large, open spaces as opposed to small enclosed offices. Although an open layout often results in lower construction costs, business owners need to consider the needs of workers when implementing this type of design. Discover several open office layout ideas for optimal productivity.

Embrace Diversity with Zones

Every employee has a different work style. While some require peace and quiet to get things done, others are at their best interacting with coworkers. Implementing zones into the layout can help. Offices that feature a few quiet work spaces, spots for collaboration, a glassed-off meeting room, and a social area offer something for every employee, no matter their work style.

According to Debra Duneier, President and Founder of EcoChi, LLC, in New York City, “Workplaces now are a mix of people from different generations with unique personalities and work styles.” She recommends open floor plans that offer “a handful of offices for those whose work involves constant phone use.” She also suggests placing “homey areas in one part of the office space and more formal areas in another.”

Close-up of a floor plan, drafting pencil, and ruler

Fit Your Floor Plan to Your Business

For maximum worker productivity, office design should fit the business involved. For instance, companies that run at a fast pace and rely on collaboration do well with groups of desks, a few meeting tables, and couches. Creative work environments might feature multi-person desks, drafting tables, and inspiration boards, while companies that require employees to be focused benefit from semi-private cubicles and enclosed conference rooms.

Consider Employee Health and Well-being

Whether you are configuring an open office layout for a small office or organizing several commercial office plans and designs, considering employee health and well-being is a must. Positioning work areas, collaboration spaces, and lunch rooms at opposite ends of the office encourages employees to get up and walk throughout the day, and employers can further enhance employee health with the addition of adjustable desks and yoga ball chairs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that healthy employees are more productive and loyal to companies than their less healthy counterparts.

Sunny open office space with multiple work areas

Offer Optional Seating Arrangements

According to American Express, employees who can sit wherever they want may be more productive. This makes sense when you think about the differences between introverts and extroverts. Shyer, introverted workers might be more productive with a seat along the wall or in a corner, while more outgoing, extroverted employees might prefer a seat in the center of the room where they can collaborate freely with others.

Make Your Office Space Adaptable

Office design company Steelcase suggests that adaptable spaces encourage more innovation in the workplace by allowing employees to switch between varying work modes. To create a more adaptable design, implement flexible meeting areas for small-group and large-group activities, and add semi-permanent walls, portable room dividers, and moveable furniture. Desks and cabinets on wheels and modular sofas and chairs make it easy to change your office layout from one day to the next. 

Several smaller offices within a larger office space

Make Your Office Space Inviting

Just like at home, an inviting office space boosts well-being and creativity. Make your office space more inviting with:

  • Abundant lighting
  • Natural design elements like stone and wood
  • Live plants
  • Pops of color
  • Comfortable furniture

If you want your office employees to be as productive as possible, consider these handy open office layout ideas. You can also turn to CORT Furniture Rental for design solutions that incorporate stylish desks, cabinets, dividers, and more.

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