4 Considerations for Updating Your Workspace Layout

When is the last time you evaluated your current workplace setup? Does your furniture need a refresher? Does your current setup benefit or limit your employees? Does it make sense to purchase new products, or is furniture rental the more economical choice?

There is a lot to consider when evaluating the furniture needs of your business. If you’re looking to update your office layout, here are a few considerations worth making.

Know Your Employees

When determining how to best furnish your workspace, your employees should be the number one factor in your decision making. Cubicles can be a great option for offices with limited floor space, but it can also be restricting for office settings that rely heavily on collaborative work. If your employees constantly work together on group projects, consider adding shared workstations to your office space. These designated areas can be enough to encourage creativity and significantly increase productivity throughout your team.

Accommodate Remote Workers

If you have contractors or employees who work mostly from home, you’ll need to designate space for them when they’re in the office. Many businesses utilize hot desking, which involves allocating a work space to workers on a rotational basis. If you have unused workspace, consider hot desking to accommodate these employees during their office hours.

Shift to Residential

One trend we’ve seen in recent years is the shift to office spaces with a more “residential” feel. Research suggests that employees are attracted to work environments that incorporate common areas, break rooms and other amenities you wouldn’t find in offices a few decades ago. If you don’t have the floor space to add these to your office, consider bringing in a small sofa or a few lounge chairs to encourage employees to take mini breaks throughout the day or use as a pop-up meeting spot.

Consider Rental

If your office furniture is outdated, worn down or just in need of a refresher, you’ll likely decide between purchasing new items or utilizing furniture rental. Furniture rental is a great option that provides flexibility for growing businesses with changing needs. However, if purchasing furniture makes the most sense for your company, consider investing in high-quality, previously leased furniture instead of brand new items for a better value.

As you evaluate your existing layout and space utilization, it’s important to keep your employees’ needs and expectations in mind. Providing a work environment that appeals to employees and optimizes productivity without going over budget is the goal, so keep these considerations in mind as you go through the process.