Wellness in the Workplace

The modern workplace is no longer stagnant high-walled cubicles under fluorescent lights. It’s a vibrant mix of people, technology, ideas and innovation. This change in pace and energy demands a change of scenery. Creating an office environment that encourages wellness and collaboration is beneficial for productivity and office morale. Studies have shown that workers who feel well, perform well. Design trends are following this idea of an engaged, active and intentional workplace with spaces that encourage physical, mental and social well-being.

Different age groups may benefit from different perks. If you’re thinking of creating a more well-rounded work environment, consider the wants and needs of everyone in your office. Keep these workplace wellness trends in mind when deciding how to give your office a breath of fresh air.

Wellness in the Workplace

 Get Back to Nature: Rearranging what you already have is an easy first step in creating a workspace that feels fresh. Organize in a way that maximizes the sunlight. Workers with access to daylight are 18 percent more productive. Sunlight also improves employees’ attitude, attendance and performance.

Bringing plants into your office space can also improve the mood of employees. One study found that one plant per workspace can reduce tension and anxiety by 37 percent and can reduce fatigue by 38 percent. The effect of plants is both physiological and psychological, reducing blood pressure but also increasing creativity and productivity. Incorporating the outside inside is an easy way to lighten the vibes and create a happier office.

 Wellness in the WorkplaceGet Together: Maximize the potential for collaboration and kinship in your office by creating shared spaces that encourage creativity and workflow. Giving your employees the flexibility to share their opinions and bounce ideas off one another is essential to innovation in the workplace. In addition, increased office comradery creates a standard of accountability that can increase the quality of work.

One way to access this free flow of ideas and energy, without a complete office overhaul, is to rent furniture that enables positive shared spaces. Add a gathering table or enable versatility with open lounge seating so you can arrange your workspace in a way that works for you. Creating a positive environment for employees’ social and mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical wellbeing.

 Wellness in the WorkplaceGet Up: A huge trend in workplace wellness is standing desks. Studies have found that standing during work can reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  CORT offers options such as the Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk or Quickstand, featuring an adjustable keyboard, key for alleviating pressure on the wrists. For employees that haven’t built up to standing all day, but are eager to try, professionals recommend ergonomic office stools, such as the Drafting Stool. Anti-fatigue mats provide comfort and arch support and can help employees who want to incorporate more standing time into their workday. Encouraging walks and lunch breaks outside the office can also help employees feel refreshed and ready to get to work.

Prioritizing the energy in the office is great for morale and the bottom line. Incorporating positive changes in your workplace can provide a great return on a small investment. Visit office.cort.com to learn more about how CORT can transform your workplace.