3 Things to Consider Before Moving When You WFH

You’ve shifted from working in an office to working from home, and you’ve settled into a consistent routine. In fact, you’re getting bogged down in your same old work-from-home life, and you know you’re quickly approaching burnout. Moving to a new city could be just the dose of adventure you’re craving!

You can work from anywhere (that’s one of the benefits of working from home!), but you probably shouldn’t pack up and leave right this second. Before you make the leap and move to a new city, here are a few things to consider.

1. What’s your most significant reason for moving?

There are plenty of good reasons to work from home, including a flexible schedule to do more of what you love. To narrow it down, consider your reasons for moving first: what do you want more of? Do you want to be closer to family? Would you like to be closer to hiking trails or beaches? Are you craving the small-town feel of suburban or rural living?

Narrow down your top two or three choices, then do your research on which location can offer what you need from a virtual workspace perspective.

2. Will your employer allow it?

You haven’t seen your boss in person in months, and you’ve proven you can still be productive from home. So, do you really need to tell your employer about your move? In short, yes.

Perhaps your employer will be accepting of your relocation plan because they see the advantages of working from home for both their employees and the company. But maybe they’re planning to have staff members back in the office soon, and moving without telling them could cost you their trust (or worse, your job).

Even with remote jobs, it’s a good idea to tell your employer in advance about your move. Your new location may change some logistical components of your employment, including:

  • How much you’ll have to pay in taxes
  • How your employer withholds taxes for you
  • How much they can pay you
  • What type of benefits they can provide (particularly if you’re moving to a new state)

No matter your reason for moving, you and your employer need to be crystal clear on the implications of your move. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, have a conversation with your employer before signing a new lease or hiring movers.

3. Will your new spot have everything you need?

Determining your most significant reason for moving will help you narrow down your top cities, but your research and planning shouldn’t stop there. Consider what amenities you need to do your job from your new home office. You’ll need reliable internet and cell phone service, and the strength of these utility systems can vary widely in different cities (especially in suburban and rural areas). Call local utility companies to verify that they can support your tech needs — like extra bandwidth for video broadcasting or regular webinars — or better yet, visit the area to make sure you can connect seamlessly.

Even if you’ll have everything you need to work from home in your new city, think about your job needs on a broader scale, too. Do you need to be close to an airport for regular business travel? Consider that travel costs may be higher in your new city, and you’ll need to ensure your employer is willing to pay these higher costs for future travel.

Do you need to host business meetings in person from time to time? Be sure your new city has coworking spaces where you can meet up with colleagues or customers. Do you need other amenities, like a place you can quickly ship from or a bank branch where you can go to manage corporate accounts? Think through all of your daily job responsibilities and be sure you can fulfill them from your potential new city.

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