CORT Global: Renting Furniture in Asia

With outsourcing and global partnerships on the rise, more and more people find themselves moving from one country to another. While many find the experience exciting, it can also be unsettling and uncertain, especially when there are so many choices to be made along the way.

Also, many people find it impractical to ship large items such as furniture, which means leaving many of the comforts of home behind. CORT Global Furniture Rental Network provides furniture rental services in more than 50 countries and 6 continents worldwide. Because some customers will be entertaining business associates or potential clients in their new homes, it is important to many of our customers to understand the styles, trends and cultural influences of the culture they are moving into.

For example, with interior design and furniture rental in Hong Kong, customers will encounter a modern, yet eclectic mix of Western and traditional Chinese traditions and tastes. Hong Kong has an independent and international spirit that stems from it’s unique relationship with China. Hong Kong is connected to China through foreign affairs and defense, yet has an independent legal, monetary, customs, and police system. Hong Kong, with a population of 7 million) imports much of its food and materials, and as a result, is known as a place where East meets West. This mix of cultures permeates all facets of society, including consumerism, economics, people, and religion. Modern architecture and high-rise buildings are predominant. Interior designers have played with transitional designs to bring the modern and traditional worlds together in some unique and exciting ways.

SIngapore, with a population of well over 4 million, is an island country on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is ranked as the 6th wealthiest country in the world. Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage can be seen it the food, population and culture. From the indigenous Malay, to Indian and Arab setters, to Chinese families, this cosmopolitain blend of cultures expresses itself in interior design as well, often blending eastern stylings with modern classical design. Futniture rental in Singapore may need to account for limited space, as land and space are typically limited in Singapore. According to some designers, lighter furniture and textured backgrounds, as well as playing with lighting and color, can make a room look larger.

For its small size, Japan has a very high population, with 13 million in Tokyo alone. Japanese culture represent a blend of the original Jomon culture and cultural influences from around the world. Family life is of utmost importance in Japan. Popular activities include karaoke and sumo wrestling, along with many western sports. A unique aspect of Japanese housing is that houses are considered to have a limited lifespan. Homes are regularly being torn down and rebuilt as a result. Traditional homes will often have large rooms that can be separated into smaller spaces using sliding doors made of paper and wood. In real estate ads, a listing code usually includes a number to indicate the number of rooms plus letter to indicate the common room areas. All of these factors may have an influence on successful housing and furniture rental in Japan.

In our increasingly global society, people need companies with a global reach who can provide quality services and excellent customer experience anywhere on the earth. Our goal at CORT Global is to provide that kind of service. Having an awareness of cultures and trends helps us meet those goals.®