Tips for Military Families Who Move Frequently

furniture rentalIn honor of National Moving Month, this week CORT Furniture Rental is focusing on military families on the move.  The world of military moving is complex, confusing, and full of a plethora of acronyms—CONUS, PCS, TDY, EFMP, TLE, TLA, HHG, POC… the list goes on and on.  What’s more, military families move more frequently than others, so different moving practices often apply.  Because the process can be trying, CORT Furniture Rental has put together a quick list of things to consider when moving your family from base to base, or even country to country.

Meeting with the Transportation Office

Your first step will be setting up a meeting with the transportation office on-base.  During this meeting, you will receive forms that will allow you to apply for certain benefits and ensure that all your moving details are in order.  Doing this promptly will help you feel more prepared as you approach each move.

Requesting a Counselor

If you are about undergo a PCS and have questions about your move, consider requesting a counselor.  No matter how many times you move, each relocation will be different.  From obtaining passports to arriving at your new station in time to find a house, a counselor can make the transition easier.

Staying Organized

Keeping your home organized, both during each stay and when in transition, will eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with the moving process.  Because orders may change prior to moving, sometimes even at the last minute, staying organized in your own home means that you may be able to take changes in stride more easily.

Packing Up

When packing, be sure to keep all personal and legal documents with you, rather than packing them away in boxes for a moving company.  Inventory your belongings in case a mishap occurs with the moving company, and write clearly on each box what it holds, so unpacking will be more orderly.

Setting Up House

The constant packing and unpacking that comes with frequent moves can be stressful.  The first thing a family that moves frequently should do is pare down its possessions to the absolutely necessary items.  Though it may be difficult to downsize, it makes the moving process much easier.  If you are concerned about moving furnishings from home to home, consider furniture rental for your new home.  Furniture rental is available for lease terms that begin at one month and exceed one year, and can encompass everything from couches to kitchen supplies.  Furniture rental companies like CORT will take care of delivery and setup, meaning that all you need to take care of is transporting your family’s personal items.

Help CORT Furniture Rental Support Military Family Members

CORT Furniture Rental is partnered with a nonprofit called Folds of Honor, which provides scholarships to family members of soldiers who have been disabled or killed while serving.  To help CORT Furniture Rental support Folds of Honor this month, simply share this message on social media by clicking “Support with Facebook” or “Support with Twitter.”   If the campaign reaches 500 supporters by Memorial Day (May 27th), all supporters’ posts and tweets will be sent out at the same time, amplifying the message.

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