New Year, New Look: 3 Steps for a More Stylish Home in 2013

furniture blogIf the new year is the time for a new look in your home, you’ve come to the right place. This week on the furniture blog, we will be covering three steps to achieving a more stylish look in your home in 2013.

Declutter Your Space
Before you do anything else, declutter that space. You don’t want to have to work around piles of DVDs and old mail to get to your furniture. Plus it’s hard to see your home’s full potential if it is buried and out of sight.  While you’re cleaning, think of ways that you can avoid collecting all of this clutter again in the future. Having a place for everything, like stashing those DVDs in the TV stand and filing important mail in the home office, can make all the difference. Check out one of our most popular posts on the furniture blog for more tips on decluttering every room in your house.

Find Your Style
Ahhhh! Breathe a sigh of relief as you look around at your cleaned up home. Then get to work deciding what you want it to look like. Browsing around a furniture blog or on Pinterest is a great way to gauge what your sense of style is. Are you looking for something glamorous and dramatic, minimalist, natural? Maintain a list of your favorite apartment decorating ideas and styles or start your own Pinterest account to keep track of everything easily.

Get Decorating
Now comes the fun part – decorating! If you are painting the walls, move any furniture you plan on keeping toward the center of the room and cover the floor and furniture well before getting started. After the painting is done, put your furniture and any area rugs into place. Simply rearranging the furniture can make a room feel newer and more stylish. If you want new furniture without the hassle of buying, you can always look into renting furniture.

Don’t overlook the accessories. They can really make or break a room. Hanging art on the walls is a simple way to change the entire feel of a room. If you’re looking for something really new and fresh, try decorating with the colors of 2013. Glazed lamps, bold patterns and stripes, and unexpected pops of color are what interiors will be all decked out in this year. This is a bold year in interior design, so don’t be afraid of going all out.

We would love to know how you’re making your home more stylish in 2013. Send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter and keep stopping by the furniture blog for more decorating ideas throughout the year.