How to Thanksgiving Prep Your Small Home

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving celebration for the first time, you might be wondering how you’re going to make it work in a small space. You can celebrate big in a small home if you plan ahead and follow these five easy tips for hosting your Thanksgiving Day celebration like a pro.

Make Your Plan

Every great event begins with planning, and Thanksgiving is no different. Once you decide on the guest list, put together a menu so you know exactly what you need, both in terms of food and the space to serve it. This also helps you set your budget. Make a commitment to stick to that budget, no matter what.

Crowdsource Your Menu

Part of the challenge of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is having enough oven and stove space to prepare it. Cut down your Thanksgiving prep time (and stress) by assigning specific dishes to certain guests. That way, you know what items you can cross of your list and free up some stove space at the same time.

Rethink Your Seating Space

Tradition calls for everyone to gather around a large table for Thanksgiving, but nothing says you have to do that. No big table? No problem. Create designated areas for eating, and think about temporarily rearranging your space to make more room for chairs. Use a card table, end table, or whatever you have for eating surfaces. If you live in a warm climate, be sure to utilize your outdoor space as well.

Buy Discount Dishes

If you’re not accustomed to throwing big dinner parties, you probably don’t have a ton of plates and silverware. Don’t feel like it all has to match. Keep your budget in line by visiting discount stores to pick up flatware and dishes, or make cleanup even simpler by using paper plates and plastic silverware.

Hang Your Décor

You might think a great centerpiece is essential, but when table space is precious, think vertical. Banners and decorations on the wall can substitute for those space-hogging decorations like pumpkins and gourds.

No matter how big or small your space, the right food and the right people make your Thanksgiving celebration the perfect event. If you need to furnish your small space, see what CORT Furniture Rental can do for you.

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