6 Ways to Cultivate a Fall Aesthetic at Home

Ahh, fall. After the sweltering heat of summer, cascading maple leaves and dropping temperatures are welcome changes. With the crisp air and changing colors, you’re ready to invite a fall aesthetic into your home, too! Read on for modern fall décor ideas and inspiration. 

How to Create a Modern Fall Aesthetic in Your Home

1. Start with practical things, like fall bedding and blankets.

As the weather cools off, you’ll likely use your home differently than you did during the summer heat. Before you start decorating for fall, now is the perfect time to switch over everyday items to cool-season staples as needed. Upgrade your home’s duvet covers with heavier inserts, add fall throw blankets to your seating areas, and swap out the mat at your front door for one that will catch leaves and keep your interiors cleaner. When you start with practicalities, you’re ensuring your home is both beautiful AND functional for cool weather — and what could be cozier than having everything you need to relax within reach?

2. Decide on your fall color scheme, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

When most of us think of a fall color palette, we likely think of the same hues as autumn leaves: red, orange, and yellow. And if you want to keep things classic, those are the perfect starting point! But don’t forget about other colors that emerge in fall, like warm wheat and gray hues, rich berry and purple tones, and faded greens that intermingle with changing leaves. These “secondary” fall colors don’t just add a modern feel to your fall aesthetic; they can also carry over into the winter season beautifully.

3. Increase your home’s curb appeal with front porch fall decorations. 

You’ve got a good idea of when to decorate for fall (and the time is now, woo hoo!), but maybe you’re not sure where to start. If all else fails, start with outdoor decorations to make your home more welcoming before visitors even step through the door. A few pumpkins or gourds, a hay bale, or even a few corn stalks (if you have the space) can create a picture-perfect fall scene for passersby and guests to enjoy. By the way, these same elements are perfect for creating simple fall-decorated fireplaces, too! 

4. Borrow from nature for DIY projects and fall gifts. 

When all else fails, keep things simple and use what you have: leaves, pinecones, and plant clippings! Dried cotton pods tucked into a wreath form make a beautiful modern fall wreath for your front door.Pine cones in a decorative ceramic or clear glass bowl can create a beautifully understated focal point for your coffee table in seconds. 

Got a backyard tree that takes your breath away? Clip a branch with lots of attractive curves and twigs, and drop it into a vase of water for a showstopping dining room table centerpiece. Or, add foraged berries or branches to a bouquet of inexpensive grocery store flowers for fall décor or a tablescape that’s all your own (by the way, DIY flower arrangements are great falls gift for friends and neighbors, too!). 

5. Engage ALL your senses, not just the obvious ones! 

Scented candles, textured blankets, and an autumn color scheme are all wonderful ways to channel a fall aesthetic. But don’t forget about the rest of your senses: hearing and taste! Make a playlist that reminds you of the best things about fall. Then, whip out your favorite soup recipes or bake up a storm in the kitchen with fall flavors like cinnamon, apple, nutmeg, and pumpkin. Your fall aesthetic can reach far beyond home décor for maximum cozy vibes. 

6. Cultivate a spirit of gratitude.

For many of us, fall is a natural time to slow down and reestablish a routine. That feeling of slowing down is just as much a part of a fall aesthetic as any pillow or pumpkin! As fall ushers us toward the holiday season and the end of the calendar year, take time to reflect on your year thus far. This can be as simple as sitting and enjoying your cozy fall bedding sets, candles, and foods at home, or it can be an intentional effort toward gratitude.

 Perhaps you and your family would like to start a collective gratitude journal, or maybe you’d like to pay it forward with creative fall gift ideas for your loved ones. Whatever you choose to do, allow yourself some time to begin winding down your year with a spirit of gratitude and warmth toward those around you. 

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