Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Complement Your Interior Design Style

It’s that time! While you are busy reviewing your recipes and planning a menu that will satisfy every palette on your guest list, time is slipping through your fingers like fine brown sugar. It is now time to finalize the details and make it to the store before it turns into the grocery store version of a neighborhood block party.One detail you may not have not finalized yet is your idea for this year’s Fall centerpiece! Thanksgiving centerpieces can tie your home decor theme and your hosted feast together, evoking a humanistic and cozy touch for your gathering.

Relaxing Ranch

Integrating elements of tradition and nature is the key to creating a cozy, ranch-inspired hearth for Thanksgiving. Combine earthy tones and textures to achieve an inviting and warm look with a country flair. Cornucopias, elaborately woven baskets full of Fall harvested fruit, and country flower arrangements in Fall colors (gold, deep orange, rusty brown, sunny yellow) are all ranch themed Thanksgiving centerpiece options.

High Glam

Metallics and candles are features that will make your Thanksgiving feast sparkle and shine like the rest of your high glam home. Incorporate gold or silver leaves into a candle wreath, or add deep bronze candle holders with festive, long candles to each end of the table. Match the candlestick color to the color of your fabric napkins. Candles will add ambiance and glamour to your Thanksgiving setting. Only light candles once everyone is seated and the table is settled to minimize fire hazard risks.

Coastal Comforts

We love this idea for a coastal themed Thanksgiving: Keep white and cream as your primary color. Layer a light colored table clothwith elegant placemats in navy or deep red. Place small, white pumpkins near each guest’s spot (you can even personalize them with their name) and place a larger, decorated pumpkin at the center of your table. For ideas and inspiration view these Fall decorating ideas.

Modern Minimalist

Use color blocking to design your way to a perfect minimalist Thanksgiving setting. Avoid pattern, and work with solid colors in deep, Fall tones. To achieve a minimal look, place the focus at the center of the table and avoid decorating each end of the table or every place-setting. An intricate floral arrangement or a large candle in an accenting color can serve as the perfect contemporary feature for your table.

Do you have more Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to share? Post photos on our Facebook wall or on our Twitter streams and we will be happy to share it with our fans and followers. Happy Thanksgiving from CORT Furniture Rental!