The Seasonal Decorations Guide: Choosing the Perfect Fall Home Decor

No season makes you want to go all-out with home decor like fall. When the weather begins to chill, the right decorations can make your home feel cozy, warm, and welcoming. The best seasonal decorations take their inspiration right from nature, which offers colors and textures that are easy to incorporate into decorative projects. If you’re in search of the perfect fall home decor, then use some of these inspiring ideas.

Turn to Nature

With bright, colorful leaves, hardy mums, and gourds aplenty, nature offers the best of beauty during the autumn. Reflecting the outdoors is an effortless way to get your home ready for the season.

Place a variety of pumpkins on your front stoop. Use colorful gourds as a table centerpiece, or decorate your porch with baskets brimming with yellow and red mums. Corn stalks and hay bales offer the backdrop for a seasonal display, while colorful leaves add an autumnal touch to a front-door wreath. Whether it’s pinecones and acorns or apples and tree branches, there is no shortage of natural elements to use as inspiration.

Get Cozy

The right textures and linens can instantly take a room from summer to fall. Swap the lighter hues and fabrics of summer for thicker threads and richer colors to give your home a rustic yet relaxing feel.

Put a thick area rug on the floor, and add plush throw pillows to couches and chairs to promote a comforting ambiance. Look to deep hues like cranberry, sage, red-orange, and burnt sienna to mimic the colors you find outside and add warmth. Woven throws and plaid blankets encourage everyone to curl up in front of the fireplace when it’s chilly outside.

Add Accessories

Well-chosen accessories give your home that perfect touch you’re looking for. If you have a fireplace with a mantle, you’re in luck. Adding a few pieces to this area immediately creates an eye-catching seasonal display. Top the mantle with some maple leaf, cornhusk, or berry garlands, pairing these with vintage hurricane lanterns and scented candles.

No mantle? No problem. Make the dining table the focal point, using mini-pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones to create a centerpiece display. Even something simpler, such as an antique pitcher filled with wheat sheaves or a chalkboard with a welcome message, give the home an autumn feel.

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space

Fall decorating doesn’t stop inside the home — decorating the porch and entryway adds a festive touch to the outside of the house, welcoming visitors before they even cross the threshold. To start, hang Edison bulb string lights from the porch rafter to provide soft lighting on dark autumn evenings. If you have porch steps, then add pumpkins to either side of each step, and top the landing with baskets of red and yellow mums. Finish the fall ensemble with a wreath on the front door made from natural elements like dogwood branches, wheat sheaves, and oak leaves.

If you’re planning some get-togethers this season, then you can welcome your guests with seasonal decorations and provide functional furniture for entertaining. CORT Furniture Rental can outfit your home with wet bars, cocktail tables, banquettes, and ottomans. When paired with the right fall home decor, you’ll create a space that’s so warm and inviting no one will want to leave.

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