How to Design an All-White Room

Designing with an all-white theme is mind is a daring choice, but with the right tools and tips it can be pulled off to great effect. Don’t be afraid to make your home furniture rental choices crisp and clean! Going for an all-white room can be just as bold as choosing bright, fluorescent blue or dramatic dark walls.

White can add romance, or subtlety, or brightness, so go forth with confidence to paint and decorate with white! Here are some tips to help you complete the transformation.

Choosing the Right White Paint

Many a joke has been made about the thousands of shades of white that exist. But is it true that China White, Angel’s Kiss, Winter Frost, and Quail’s Egg are all the same? Not in the slightest. The shade of white you choose defines the mood of a room. Whether you choose to paint first and decorate second, or paint your walls to complement your current white home furniture rental pieces is up to you. A cool white with a blue tint makes a room feel modern and crisp, while a warm yellow-tinted white might give a room a cozier, more antique feel. A white with a slightly grey tone serves as a sophisticated backdrop for your décor, and an ivory hue can create a natural-feeling warmth. When choosing, also keep in mind the amount of sunlight your room gets. You don’t want to be blinded by a bright white when the afternoon sun shines in.

White Furnishings (Like Home Furniture Rental)

The material you choose to furnish your all-white room with can make a big difference. To add variation to the textures in your room, try distressing your furniture, or paint it with a glossy overcoat. If you have home furniture rental pieces that you can’t alter, try opting for slipcovers. You can change them at your leisure and still keep your home furniture rental pieces in their original condition. However, home furniture rental pieces like chairs or tables can also pull a room together if you choose the right material. Make sure that the shade of finish or the type of wood pairs well with the paint color you have in your white room.

Accents in a White Room

If you are hesitant to commit to a fully monochromatic room, consider using the home furniture rental accents in your room to break up the white. Even an accent as simple as a dark wooden picture frame grabs the eye’s attention without distracting from the overall look. A dash of color, whether bright or somber, can also complement or contrast your white look.

Keeping It Clean

White walls and home furniture rental pieces have the potential to show dirt very easily, so it’s important to pay close attention to cleanliness. As MHLI pointed out on our Facebook wall, you’ll need to watch out for pet hair, mud, and anything that stains as these things will be very easy to spot on white surfaces. A soft cloth with just water is the best way to clean white walls. If you have a more stubborn mess, water and liquid dish soap should provide a safe alternative. If that doesn’t do the trick, apply a cleaner like Formula 409. If you reach this stage in the cleaning process, test out the cleaner in an inconspicuous area of your wall to make sure it won’t damage the paint.

How do you decorate with white? Find us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us your own tips and tricks for designing with white.