How to Design a Welcoming Entryway

Whether you have a spacious foyer, a small hallway, or a casual mudroom, the entryway of your home is the first thing guests see.  It is also, more often than not, the place you first hit when you come home.  This is why every home needs a welcoming entrance.  A good entryway serves two purposes: it is inviting, but it is also functional.

Furnishings First

The furniture in your entryway bridges the gap between style and purpose.  In an entryway, it is best if each piece serves a purpose.  This way, you prevent the space from looking too cluttered or cramped.  Accent furniture often achieve this goal best, particularly pieces with storage built in.  Accent pieces like the CORT Silver Console or other tables that are shallow but long may be best, since they won’t protrude into the walking area, but serve as an easy-to-reach surface for miscellaneous objects, such as library books to be returned.  A long mirror like CORT’s Catania Mirror, or a small mirror like the Starburst Mirror placed at eye-level can make an entryway look more spacious and let you catch one last glimpse of yourself before heading out.  Additionally, adding one or two chairs can make an entryway cozier.  A Linen Chair with clean colors and fine details gives guests a place to rest while they remove their coats and shoes.

Utilize Color

There are a few different schools of thought as far as color scheme choices go for entryways.  You may opt for a darker, more dramatic color in the entryway, so that as you move into the lighter-colored interior of the house, the rooms seem more spacious.  However, a bold, bright hue can define the entryway and give it a personality rather than just making it a passage.  Or you could choose a color similar to the exterior of your home, a tradition 18th century British architects kept to mimic the outside stone of old homes.  If you are unsure what sort of statement you would like to make, it may be safest to settle on an off-white, like a cream or linen.  It makes the space seem light and neutral.   However you choose to color your entryway, make sure it is in keeping with the feel of the rest of your home, whether that means matching it or contrasting it.

Tidy Up

Not only does an entryway set the tone of a home, but it can also keep the rest of your home tidy.  Attaching hooks or other hardware to the wall next to the doorway can be an excellent place to hang coats, purses, bags, and keys.  By keeping all of these items by the door, you can eliminate the search for those lost keys that invariably happens on the way out the door during a busy morning.  A doormat inside the door stops mud, water, or leaves from entering the rest of the home.  Likewise, a boot tray can be useful in keeping shoes in order and off of the floor.  One that is powder-coated is best.

By adding a touch of your own style to your entryway, you can create a space that keeps your possessions close at hand and welcomes guests into your home.  How have you made your home’s entryway a welcoming space?  Find us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us about your style.