4 Steps to Care for Your Mattress

Of all the pieces of furniture in the home, perhaps the bed is the most important. We have more contact with our bed than any other surface in the home, and the quality of our sleep can have a big impact on the quality of our lives. In the furniture rental business, we understand the importance of selecting and maintaining quality furniture and mattresses.

Investing in a quality mattress, whether rented or owned, can be an important part of maintaining your health, but over time, a high-quality mattress can easily be rendered sub-par through wear and tear, as well as misuse. Fortunately, regular maintenance can help a quality mattress retain it’s beauty and comfort for many many years. We thought you would appreciate us sharing these mattress maintenance tips with you here in our furniture blog.

1. Get to know your mattress.

Carefully read the warranty on your mattress. Some mattresses’ warranties are invalidated by certain actions, like using a mismatched box spring, using an inferior bed frame, or putting a board between your mattress and the box spring. Knowing the specifications and recommendation for your mattress will assist you in maintaining it and the warranty.

2. Rotate your mattress.

Many people know that mattresses should be rotated or flipped, but if you don’t do this correctly, you can damage your mattress. Again, refer to the instructions and warranty for your mattress. Some mattresses are not designed to be flipped. These mattresses should, however, be rotated to avoid irregularities in the surface. In the first two months of use, rotate a new mattress every time you change the sheets.

3. Do not bend your mattress.

When rotating or moving your mattress, it is fine to let mattress flex a little bit, but it is important not to bend your mattress. When mattresses bend, the inner springs can be dislodged and cause the layers the mattress to be disturbed. This can render the surface of the mattress uneven and uncomfortable.

4. Keep your mattress fresh and clean.

Before putting your mattress on the bed, allow the mattress to breathe by leaning it up against a wall. Also, be sure to use a clean, dry mattress pad between your sheets and the mattress. This helps prevents stains, dust and buildup from soiling the mattress. Once a year, vacuum your mattress to remove any dust that may have collected.

Here at CORT, we offer the highest quality mattresses through our home furniture rental services, as well as everything you might need in furniture rental.