4 Small Apartment Décor Ideas

When you live in a small apartment, decorating can be a challenge. You may have to put some extra brainpower into your design, but you don’t have to give up on trendy décor altogether. Maximize space and style with four small apartment ideas that can help with layout, storage, and more.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

When decorating your small apartment, it’s important to choose the right furniture. Make every inch count with pieces that do double duty. Think futons, storage ottomans, and coffee tables that convert to laptop desks, and be sure to pick furniture that fits to scale. Add extra space to a small dining room or eat-in kitchen with a round table, and reduce visual clutter by purchasing pieces like coffee tables or consoles made from clear Plexiglas or chairs and tables with exposed legs.

2. Define Separate Areas

An open concept seems like an obvious choice for a small apartment, but spaces with no definition can appear cluttered. A few simple changes can help define separate areas and reduce visual clutter. Place a couch at the end of your bed or a buffet between a kitchen and living room. Use the buffet for extra storage, and top it with bar essentials and serving trays for entertaining. For more ways to define separate areas in an open space, consider:

  • Tall open shelving
  • Low shelves topped with plants
  • Screens and room dividers
  • A pretty curtain
  • A floating closet
  • Area rugs

3. Use Every Inch of Space

When decorating a small space, it’s important to maximize every square inch. Look around your apartment for fresh storage opportunities. Place a small wall shelf above a mantel. Add a corner shelf for knickknacks and mementos. Top your refrigerator with baskets for tea and coffee, and stack holiday dishes and seldom-used appliances on top of kitchen cabinets.

4. Pick a Light Color Palette

Dark wall colors in small apartments tend to create the appearance of less space. If you’re allowed to paint your apartment, then pick light shades for the walls like tan, cream, soft gray, powder blue, light yellow, or seafoam green. Add pops of color with accessories like picture frames, pillows, throws, window treatments, and area rugs. For a fashionable, put-together look, use a color wheel to find complementary hues. You don’t have to sacrifice style when decorating a small apartment. Take advantage of these storage, design, and furniture ideas to create a living space you can love. CORT Furniture Rental is a great place to get furniture and décor for an apartment of any size. For chic space savers, look for love-seats, storage beds, shelving, sideboards buffets, and more.

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