Get Creative: 3 Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small home or apartment takes some ingenuity. Clutter can easily take over your rooms if you’re not careful. When you’re organizing small spaces, use a little creativity to overcome the challenge of space constraints. These storage ideas for small spaces can help you keep your home tidy.

1. Go Vertical

Maximize precious square footage by thinking vertically instead of horizontally. You’re limited only by your imagination — and maybe your ceiling. Vertical storage takes advantage of your entire wall and other surfaces, and it’s possible to find storage ideas for small spaces for every area of your home.

Over-door storage units with wire baskets or shelving make a great option for organizing in small rooms. For example, use them to store toiletries and hair products in the bathroom and shoes and accessories in the bedroom.

Other ideas for organizing small spaces vertically include:

  • Pegboard on a kitchen backsplash to hang cups and utensils
  • Shelves high up in the living room for decorative storage boxes
  • A vertical lid rack installed on the back of a pantry closet
  • Removable hooks on doors for jackets, scarves, and handbags

2. Cover Every Nook and Cranny

Odd, narrow, and other forgotten spaces are perfect candidates for storage. Consider these interesting possibilities:

  • Install narrow, vertical shelving in odd nooks and crannies, like a narrow space between a cabinet and a door jam.
  • Use open shelves instead of cabinets in narrow spaces to gain extra surface.
  • “Store” small items like jewelry on a wall by creating a stylish display from a framed corkboard and pins.
  • Instead of placing your couch or sofa against a wall, use an open plan, and add a tall, narrow console with shelves behind the sofa. Bonus: Place pretty storage baskets underneath for odds and ends.

3. Think Double Duty

Make your furniture work hard by serving more than one purpose. For example:

  • Keep bedroom clutter like throw blankets out of sight with a storage ottoman or vintage trunk.
  • Add a pretty fabric skirt to an end table in the living room, and hide items underneath.
  • Hack a bathroom stool with a DIY project to add a drawer for toiletries or towels.
  • Choose a coffee table with a shelf or drawer for storing books, games, and small electronics.
  • Instantly turn your bed into a storage helper by stowing winter clothes underneath in zipped plastic containers.

Don’t forget to make use of smaller storage like stylish boxes, bins, baskets, and canisters. When it comes to storage ideas for small spaces, these little helpers are great for practical décor.

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