Top 5 Things to Know Before Moving to New York

When you think of moving to New York, maybe you think of The Big Apple: New York City, proper. But, there’s so much more to New York than Manhattan! 

If you’re considering moving to New York state, explore all the options it has to offer, from bustling concrete jungles to the best Hudson Valley towns with quaint main streets. Here are a few things to know before you make your big move to the Empire State.

What to Know Before You Move to New York

1. Most suburban areas in New York let you enjoy both city and small-town perks.

Living in Manhattan doesn’t exactly conjure up images of a tight-knit, small-town community. But, living in one of the many suburban areas in New York certainly can! Brighton, New York is a top suburb for young professionals outside Rochester. In addition to Brighton, there are multiple suburbs that are well-loved by their residents for affordability, community, and easy access to the city. 

If you choose to move to the NYC area, you might be surprised to find that every borough has its own flavor, too! From Brooklyn to Manhattan to the Bronx and everything in between, New York City— and New York state — has something for everyone. Even if you choose to move into the NYC metro area, it’s possible to find a pocket that feels like your own tiny town. 

2. Need a job? You’ll have your choice of industries. 

What is New York City famous for? Amongst other things, a booming financial services industry (hello, Wall Street!). If you’re looking at another one of New York state’s cities, though, you’ll find jobs to suit nearly resume. Buffalo boasts several major manufacturing and logistics companies. Rochester has its share of manufacturing, too, but it’s also home to tech companies like Xerox, Kodak, and a few automotive tech companies. Albany is a great place for jobs in healthcare, and Syracuse’s diverse economy makes it a solid choice for couples who work in different industries. 

3. Moving to New York City alone doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely! 

If you’re moving to New York City alone, the possibilities for meeting people are nearly endless. With so many densely populated areas and convenient access to transportation all around the city (and around most of New York state, too!), meeting new friends who share your interest couldn’t be easier. And hey, if you meet new people you’d like to live close to (or a great potential roommate in a different part of town), moving within New York is a breeze when you rent furniture from CORT.  

4. You’ll experience all four seasons (and some stunning New York nature). 

Some places in the U.S. give you hot summers and mild winters, or cold winters and rainy summers. In New York State, you get the best of every season! Buffalo gives you easy access to Niagara Falls (a beautiful hotspot all summer long!), and there’s nothing quite like fresh snowfall on one of the many lakeshores in upstate New York. 

Want to experience the seasons in the city AND get a dose of New York nature? Yonkers, New York gives you easy access to Manhattan, but you can also explore the best Hudson Valley Towns– like Poughkeepsie, Sleepy Hollow, Catskill, and more—by train when you’re craving a quiet hike or a scenic fall vista that can only be found in the northeast. 

5. New York offers you endless opportunities— and you don’t have to move out of state. 

Maybe you want to work for a few years, then head back to grad school. But moving out of state can get costly, and you don’t want to do it more than once. Your solution? Move anywhere in New York state. Even if you move from one side of the state to the other for a job or a program at one of New York’s many prestigious schools, you’re never more than a half day’s drive away from anywhere in the state. Keep in touch with friends and visit your favorite towns and cities in New York with ease—no matter where life takes you. 

Moving to New York State: Make Things Simple with CORT

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