Your Guide to Timeless Romantic Interior Design

Softness, femininity, comfort, and elegance are the hallmarks of romantic interior design. A classic and enduring staple of the design world, romanticism brings emotion and warmth into any space. Best of all, this romantic aesthetic is incredibly versatile and can often be seamlessly combined with other trends and styles. Here are seven things to incorporate to achieve a timeless yet modern romantic interior design style — because who wouldn’t want to add a touch of romance to their home?


Soft Color Palettes


The perfect foundation for a romantic room is a soft, neutral-colored palette. Light-colored neutrals and pastels work beautifully to create a romantic, feminine aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to play with shades of pink; after all, what’s more romantic than the colors of Valentine’s Day? The pink home aesthetic might bring images of Barbie’s Dream House to mind, but it can be done in a sophisticated, calming way.

A pair of dark pink chairs with soft, curved edges.


Not a fan of soft pink and other lighter hues? While this might be a go-to palette, dark romantic interior design is equally gorgeous. Decorate in deep reds, sensual purples, and lush blues to design a more moody, darkly romantic space.


Nature-Inspired Patterns


One of the key principles of romantic interior design is inspiration from nature and the natural world. Try incorporating romantic design floral patterns, whether through wallpaper, bedding, rugs, or fresh vases of flowers throughout the space. Hang nature-inspired living room wall art, add greenery to shelving, and let in plenty of natural light. Potted plants, especially those with long, drapey vines like Pothos, can also bring a romantic garden feel to your home.


Upholstered, Vintage-Inspired Furniture


When selecting furniture for a romantic room, think classic and traditional. Vintage and vintage-inspired are ideal, and don’t be afraid of mixing and matching furniture for a more eclectic look. Embrace upholstery, which adds comfort and softness to the space. Upholstered accent pieces also provide an opportunity to play with romantic patterns and prints.


Curved Edges


The romantic style of interior design leans away from sleek, straight edges and favors more flowing, curved lines. Once again, the emphasis is on softness. Round-back chairs, oval mirrors, and vintage circular tables all work well in the romantic room aesthetic. However, don’t feel compelled to ensure 100 percent of your furniture and decor is straight from the romantic era. These curved, sweeping lines can be easily juxtaposed with another style to add a touch of romance to any interior design style.


Feminine Fabrics and Textures


You can use many beautiful, romantic fabrics and textures to create a feminine, tactile space. Consider the materials you might see on an elegant gown or robe, like lace, satin, velvet, and chiffon. You can incorporate these textures into your room via pillows, curtains, throws, upholstery, and other pieces of room decor.


Long, Flowing Curtains


Flowing, floor-length curtains add to a whimsical, free-flowing mood characteristic of the romantic room aesthetic. Consider curtains in the romantic fabrics and patterns previously mentioned for even more romance. Are you a renter concerned about hanging curtains? No-drill solutions such as adhesive hooks and tension rods are your friend! 


Gold and Silver Accents


When choosing your romantic home decor, consider accent pieces of gold and silver. Metallic elements throughout the room, like delicate jewelry pieces, add subtle sparkle to the space. Pieces like silver-framed mirrors, gold chandeliers or lamps, or a display of silver candlesticks work beautifully within romantic interior design and add the perfect amount of glitz.


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