Moody Interior Design Ideas for Every Room

Deep, rich colors draw your eye in. They’re mysterious yet comforting and can help you cultivate a room that speaks for itself. The key to creating a moody space that isn’t just downright depressing? Balance. Here are the top moody interior design tips to try in every room — and how to play with dark hues without going overboard. 

Add in Dark Accents 

Not sure where to start? Start small. Black and nearly black figurines, decor pieces, throws, pillows, and wall decor can help you create a moody vibe without making too much of a  commitment. 

Additionally, black or dark-hued accent furniture — or even end tables, side tables, coffee tables, or credenzas — can help you make a statement without completely overpowering your space.

Opt for Almost Black Hues 

If you’re not ready to commit to charcoal or black, deep jewel tones are an excellent way to dip your toe into a darker look.  Emerald green, dark purple, or a deep navy can help you cultivate a moody style. And, jewel tones have the tendency to “change color” as the day progresses. They’ll look vibrant as the sun rises and sets, but mellow out to a moody, rich hue in the evenings. 

Create Contrast

Take a page from the minimalist design playbook and ramp up the contrast. Begin  by mixing in light neutrals alongside darker hues. For example, if you select a dark couch, consider pairing it with a set of white chairs, light wood accent furniture, or even a light-colored throw. 

In the bedroom, adorn a light wood-framed bed with dark bedding, or toss a bright-white down comforter onto a black or walnut-hued bed frame to make your headboard the star of the show.

Seek out decor pieces that naturally play up the contrast, like black and white patterned rugs, grayscale photographs, or line sketches.

Play with Texture

When using a monochromatic palette, playing with texture adds interest — and can prevent a dark-hued or black-on-black color palette from falling flat. Experiment with textures to create different vibes: black sleek metals, black fur throws, black velvet curtains or furniture, or even textured peel-and-stick wallpaper can bring interest and texture into any room. 

Mix in Metallics 

Large swaths of black can quickly leave your space feeling flat — until you add a metallic pop! One of the easiest ways to create a glam look when decorating with black is to add in accents of gold, brass, or silver. If you’re craving an additional touch of drama, opt for ornate or curved lines. 

Dark tones are a great backdrop for experimenting with mixed metals so don’t be afraid to switch things up and get experimental. The final result is reminiscent of a dark, starry sky. Talk about relaxing! 

Create an Accent Wall

A dark wall can serve as a beautiful accent, and provide a stunning background that allows your favorite wallhangings to pop.   Instead of layering on black paint, go for a rental-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper. Think of this space as a conversation piece — don’t be afraid to play with a patterned or textured wallpaper option.

Then, layer on artwork, decorative mirrors, or photographs to create a gallery look and feel. 

Considering a more permanent option like paint or wallpaper? Be sure to read up on the do’s and don’ts of black walls first.

Add a Touch of Nature 

Balance your space by adding in touches of greenery — real or faux. Pepper in a few florals, faux succulents, or potted greenery to add life and interest. Consider opting for contrasting shades in bold hues to add a lively touch, or play with a variety of green plants to keep your space looking cohesive. No matter how you choose to incorporate plants, adding a few in will help your space look stylish instead of sullen. 

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