The Art of Pet-Friendly Furniture

pets and furniture rentalWhen it finally comes time to pick and choose the right furniture, many homeowners and apartment renters will be faced with the daunting task of not only streamlining their style, but also accommodating their furry friends.  It is possible to have animals without living like an animal! The key here is making sure that your pet’s needs are addressed and by choosing the right materials. Make humans and animals alike cozy in your home without sacrificing style or comfort with some of the following pet-friendly furniture tips:

Bringing the Outdoors In

By getting a little creative and broadening your options, you’ll find that most outdoor furniture nowadays is versatile enough in style to bring indoors. The benefits of using outdoor furniture are apparent – most fabrics are made to withstand the damage done by weather and, therefore, will be able to withstand puppy paws and kitten scratches. Tables and couches with powder-coated metal legs, as opposed to wooden legs, will vehemently deter any teethers tempted to chew.

It’s All About the Material

Yes, that wooly couch just looks so comfortable and would fit great in your living room, but unless you want the house cat unraveling the loops in your furniture’s fabric there are many materials you should stay away from. As many fabric options as there are that can be ruled out for homes with pets, there are equally as many viable options that won’t require sacrificing aesthetics or style!

  • Velvet, silk, chenille, and wool are no-no’s! These lovely and lush fabrics, as luxurious as they may seem, are difficult to wash and clean frequently and all pet owners know that accidents happen. Loosely woven fabrics such as wool are prime kitty scratching posts, as they pull out the loops with their claws.
  • Lovely, lovely leather: If your main issue with your furry pal is that most of his fur sticks to your couch and not to his body, a leather couch may be your best option! Hardy leathers are wear-resistant, easy to clean, and pet hairs will just slide right off.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a very tightly-woven synthetic fabric. What this means for pet owners is that the kittens will not be able to sink their claws into the fabric, and thus will go back to scratching where they should – their own scratching post. Microfiber is also stain and scratch resistant, making it a very appealing option for owners with especially active or slobbery pets.

Other Tips & Tricks

Try keeping a fleece throw around — one that you don’t particularly care about. Although this seems counterintuitive because fleece is a pet-hair magnet… that’s exactly why you need it. Pet the cat on the couch with a fleece throw around and most of the hair will find its way to the throw and not the couch or rug! All you have to do is wash and tumble dry the throw weekly.

  • Match the color of your furniture to your pet’s hair. Not only do you get bonus points for a consistent color scheme, but also any loose pet hairs that find their way to the furniture will be harder to see.
  • When choosing a rug for the room, opt for a low-pile rug. Low-pile rugs are less likely to trap odors and will be much easier to vacuum and clean while also being durable.

Having your favorite furry friends around should never be fatal for your furniture. With these tips and tricks for finding the right furniture for you and your pet, you can make sure that you’ll never have to banish them to the backyard doghouse or cover your couches in unsightly plastic again.

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