Home Staging: 3 Great Books to Fuel Inspiration

home staging

The home staging world is full of creative professionals who are inspired every day by blogs, magazines, and books over their morning cup of coffee. It is a necessary element of the job to keep creative juices flowing and ideas fresh. We’d like to share a few books with you today that can bring some inspiration to your next home staging or home design project. Share your favorites on our Facebook wall or Twitter feed! There are no shortages of great home staging and interior design books in this World!



The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Staging Your Home to Sell – (Julie Dana and Marcia Layton Turner) – The basics! If you have read an “idiot’s guide” before, you know that these books are characterized by their miraculous ability to break down processes step-by-step, holding your hand through the process so that all of your questions are answered and no rock is left uncovered. There is no exception in this comprehensive home staging book. Dana and Turner offer home staging tips to trasform for-sale homes while saving time and money. This book is perfect gift for a friend who is looking to start a new life in a new home this year.


Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book – This book is a more advanced take on home staging. A favorite from CORT Facebook Fan and leasing consultant, Marilynn, this book goes into great detail about how natural light pours into homes based on how they are positioned with the sun, how to group furniture and furnishings, and how to construct a color palette. A great gift for the home staging professional in your life who loves learning new things through revisiting the home staging basics.


Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home – Holly Becker is the mastermind behind the popular and addicting, Decor8 blog. This book is chock full of home staging and interior design inspiration, offering tips for making your staged space a bit more unique (but not over personalized for home staging sake!) Take it from a woman who knows modern, edgy design and has an impecable eye for the aesthetics of a room. This book is perfect for inspiring your home staging or interior design friend. Trust us, they have been coveting this book or they already have it.


Not the book reading type or not a seasoned home stager with a thirst for knowledge and inspiration? Well, CORT Furniture can certainly help you there! We offer temporary furniture rental packages (for the duration of your home selling process) and can help you find the perfect home stager through our national home staging network. Let CORT Furniture provide you with complete access to all the help you need to sell your home, fast.