Partnership Review: CORT and Folds of Honor in 2020

Many of us may not think of education as a gift. But studies have shown the benefits that education can contribute to having a better life.

With this understanding, it’s easier to see the value that higher education can bring to the life of a child. Unfortunately, not every student has had an easy path to go to college and the pandemic has only made things even harder. This is why the dedication of organizations like the Folds of Honor Foundation is so important.

Founded by Major Dan Rooney following his second tour of duty in Iraq, CORT has worked with Folds of Honor since 2013 to provide educational scholarships to dependents and spouses of military servicemen and women killed or disabled while serving our great nation.

As their corporate philanthropic partner, CORT has remained dedicated to the organization’s mission over the last 8 years and have donated $250,000 since the start of our partnership. To date, this has amounted to 50 scholarships awarded.

“For more than 45 years, CORT has been committed to supporting and honoring military personnel and their families through various channels in appreciation for their tremendous sacrifices for our country,” said Jeff Pederson, president, and CEO of CORT.  “CORT is extremely proud of its partnership with Folds of Honor Foundation. We look forward to bringing awareness to all of the great things they do for military families and being a part of making the dream of having an education a reality for Folds of Honor scholarship recipients.”

Folds of Honor Infographic