10 Fall Décor Ideas on a Student Budget

If you’re a student living in off-campus housing, you may want to get in the fall spirit with a little decorating. Even if you’re short on time, low on cash, and tight on space, there are some great ways to dress up your apartment for autumn. Here are 10 fall décor ideas that won’t cramp your student budget or your space.

1. Carve Out a Corner

If you have a special study nook or corner, dress it up for fall by adding a flannel blanket or throw. (Tip: A plaid pattern makes it feel even more like fall.)

2. Add Common Scents

Add a scented candle to your space to evoke instant feelings of fall. Pumpkin spice is particularly nice for fall, or you could try an apple cider scent.

3. Think Small

When you’re tight on space, mini pumpkins make great fall decorations. Arrange them on a table or shelf or fill a glass vase or jar with assorted colors of mini pumpkins.

4. Leave It

Fall leaves are gorgeous with their changing colors, so why not bring the outdoors in? Rub moisturizer on colorful leaves, and after they dry, arrange them on a table, shelf, or mantle. If you want to make them more permanent, cover them with Mod Podge; this keeps them looking shiny and lustrous.

5. Make a Fall Topiary

If you’re feeling crafty, grab a foam cone, some hot glue, and some faux leaves from your local hobby store and make a fall topiary in just minutes.

6. Create Your Own Candle Holders

Use mini pumpkins as taper candle holders for your dining space. Remove the stem and drill or carve a hole in the top (where the stem was located) that is about an inch deep. Now you have the perfect holder for your taper candles.

7. Make a Mini Jack-o-Lantern

You don’t need a full-size pumpkin to make a decorative jack-o’-lantern. Buy small to mid-size pumpkins and carve designs on them, and then place a votive candle inside.

8. Dress Up Your Front Door

A fall-themed wreath is a simple but effective way to transform the outside of your apartment. From pumpkins and pine cones to corn stalks and colorful fall leaves, there are many ways to welcome fall — and guests — right at your front door.

9. Bring the Outdoors In

You’ve already brought in some leaves, so why stop there? Branches add a touch of fall to your home, whether they’re arranged in vases or used as part of a centerpiece. Arrange branches, colorful leaves, and mini pumpkins in the center of your dining table or on the mantle to make it feel like fall inside.

10. Picture the Perfect Porch

It doesn’t take a lot of space to turn your front porch into a fall showpiece. No matter how limited your space, the area around your front door can be decorated with pumpkins. Add a hay bale and an appropriately sized scarecrow to complete the look.

When you’re looking for a more complete overhaul to your student apartment, CORT Furniture Rental can help you create the look you want for as long as you need it.

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