Tips for Making Your Apartment Study-Friendly

By Rodika Tollefson

Group projects are common in college classes, and students quickly learn the best ways to collaborate with their peers. However, when it comes to studying, various surveys indicate college students prefer a quiet space where they can unplug from all distractions, including their classmates. The right layout is essential when creating a study space. Consider these tips for creating a zen, study-friendly environment in your apartment.

Designate a Suitable Area

Separate your study space from social areas to minimize distractions and put your brain into “study mode.” Avoid areas near common diversions, such as the TV. If possible, select a spot by a window. Environmental psychologists suggest an outside view is restorative, especially if the view includes nature. Additionally, natural light is more conducive to studying.

If your window faces a busy area and you find the activity distracting, position your study furniture to face away from tempting diversions.

Choose Zen Furniture

Not everyone enjoys sitting at a computer desk. Personalize your study space based on your preferences. Even if you choose to sit in an accent chair or bean bag with your laptop, you need adequate room to spread your papers, books, and supplies. If you only need a small work surface, consider a simple writing desk.

Furniture should be comfortable, but avoid overstuffed chairs, throw pillows, and other items that make you feel too comfy. Your mission in this space is to focus, not to relax.

Add Supplementary Lighting

College students often study at very late hours, and overhead lights don’t always provide adequate lighting. Add a desk or floor lamp to your study space to amplify the lighting. This is much better for your eyes, and it keeps you from dozing off.

Think Like a Startup

You may have seen the stereotypical startup workspace on TV shows. Despite the popularity of digital environments, whiteboards, bulletin boards, and sticky notes are still great tools for on-the-fly note-taking and brainstorming. Add these creativity boosters to your study space to help you keep track of notes and ideas.

Free food at the office is another startup trend. You need to be careful about mindless eating, but keeping a few healthy snacks close eliminates distracting trips to the kitchen when your stomach growls.

Keep It Tidy

Clutter is not only bad for your zen, but it’s also a time waster if you can’t find what you need. Make de-cluttering part of your pre-study routine. Bookshelves are a good way to stay organized. Add a few stylish baskets and file organizers, and you’re all set.

Consider Furniture Rental

Quickly personalize your zen study space in your apartment by renting everything you need. CORT offers everything from student desks and comfortable chairs to fashionable lamps. More than 150 locations are available around the country to help students with all their furniture needs.

Your study space should reflect your style, but you need to think of it as a place of “business” rather than enjoyment. Follow these tips to strike the right balance between comfort and focus.

Rodika Tollefson is a nationally published, award-winning journalist and brand content writer with more than 17 years of experience. She writes features on topics that include home and garden, lifestyles and wellness, as well as B2B and B2C content for technology, construction, design and other verticals. She is currently the contributing managing editor to a regional home and garden magazine as well as the editor in chief for National League of American Pen Women’s national association magazine.