Relocation Services: Furniture Rental Works

Incorporating furniture rental into your company’s relocation services package can make an impact on the success of an employee deployment. To encourage your top talent that relocation for a special project (or otherwise) is the right choice, provide relocation services that will ease this tough transition for the employee and his or her family. You may be surprised to learn all the ways that furniture rental can help alleviate the stresses of an international move. In terms of logistics, convenience and comfort, CORT furniture rental is a service that every company should consider offering in relocation policies.



Most likely, the living space your employee is moving to abroad will be smaller than the one they are leaving behind. Beyond the high costs of shipping bulky household goods and furnishings, there is a chance these items won’t fit proportionately in the new home. Furnished housing or furniture rental solutions from CORT take the pressure off the employee in terms of  locating and coordinating home furniture, accessories and other goods. CORT has a global presence and plenty of experience delivering professional relocation services. Because we’re used to working with and accommodating different cultures, we’re in the unique position to connect relocated employees with furniture that reflects local lifestyles (in terms of practicality/functionality and style).


The ease with which an employee adjusts to new ways of life has a major impact on the success of a deployment initiative. We’ll help guide relocated individuals through tough choices such as what sort of household items they should bring along overseas, and which are better suited for renting. Another benefit of furniture rental is that it allows for quick and efficient furnishing of a semi-permanent home. The employee can transition more quickly by avoiding temporary lodging solutions, such as hotels, which are also very costly. The sooner your talent feels comfortable and settled in to the new living situation, the more productivity you can expect. CORT relocation services help make it happen.